Friday, March 17, 10:46:42 PM

Hugely disappointing; no wonder it was the last one.

Wednesday, July 30, 03:14:29 PM


Wednesday, April 23, 08:10:06 AM

The film that finally killed the franchise.

Sunday, June 23, 10:06:25 PM

So glad it's over.

Sunday, June 23, 07:59:57 PM

it was a pretty good movie

Sunday, June 23, 07:59:32 PM

AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING SEASON FINALE! hats off to the entire team of Harry Potter!

Wednesday, March 27, 12:44:56 AM

It stinks!

Wednesday, October 3, 01:21:11 AM

Anyone over eleven will by bored stiff by this poorly acted melodrama.

Friday, March 2, 03:32:43 AM

sooo much better than the book!

Friday, March 2, 12:14:00 AM


Wednesday, February 8, 03:38:32 AM

fun (in a "batman & robin" kind of way).

Thursday, January 5, 09:02:04 PM

A new camp classic!

Saturday, November 12, 01:53:43 AM

An awesome Finale to an Azaming Series very Emotional ending

Thursday, November 10, 11:40:33 PM

best one yet.

Thursday, November 10, 10:08:12 PM

Excellent capper.

Thursday, November 10, 09:42:03 PM

Cried a few times haha, I was pretty emotional for it to end :( But the movie itself was good, as all of them were!

Thursday, November 10, 08:36:02 PM

sorry the story had to end, i could lose myself in the movie. Enjoyed every minute of it.

Thursday, November 10, 01:30:44 PM

Great ending to a great series

Thursday, November 10, 11:41:11 AM

just ok

Wednesday, November 9, 11:52:01 PM

Three hours of my life I'll never get back. :(

Wednesday, November 9, 10:29:13 PM

Theres definitely another one!! Cant wait to see it!!

Wednesday, November 9, 05:28:02 PM

LOVED the movie until the ending, then I got disappointed. However overall it's the best harry potter movie of the series! BY FAR! It was tense and fast-moving from the very first second!

Wednesday, November 9, 04:36:47 PM

very stong spell binding, moving touching a very moving ending to a very great book and story thank you

Wednesday, November 9, 03:33:32 PM

I loved these last few movies. These movies finally gave JK Rowling's books justice. My only problem with this film is that there were some lines that were in the movie for comic relief, but they did not suit the tone of the scene. Otherwise great film! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 02:04:12 PM

Really well done for the wrap-up of the saga. The effects were entrancing and the scenes were done to the maximum effect of keeping you on the edge of your seat - even if you were an avid fan of the books and were already aware of the ending. Well done.

Wednesday, November 9, 01:33:36 PM

another excellent movie..well done.

Wednesday, November 9, 12:00:25 PM

love the harry potter movies!

Wednesday, November 9, 11:04:27 AM

Not the best of the series but excellent none the less! Defiantly an entertaining watch for all the fans.

Wednesday, November 9, 07:43:34 AM

Great ending to a great story. The ending where harry and the rest send their own kids to school was good and touching.

Wednesday, November 9, 05:32:51 AM

The funniest movie since Ghostbusters II.

Tuesday, November 8, 06:00:16 PM

Very good film

Tuesday, November 8, 03:07:33 PM

Wasn't expecting it to be that great compared to the book but I love it right from the beginning

Tuesday, November 8, 02:28:33 PM


Tuesday, November 8, 10:56:35 AM

A great ending to a great 10 years of Harry Potter. I didn't want it to end becuase it was just fantastic writing and you could see by the acting that the actors didn't want to stop either. Great series and hope the next one is even better!

Tuesday, November 8, 10:51:53 AM

Alright, but not as good as the book.

Tuesday, November 8, 06:43:55 AM

Definitely the perfect ending to the 10 year old series. The trio have actually learned to act together over the past 2 movies and their skills have to be admired. Keeping the movie as close to the book as possible was the best the franchise could do for its avid fans.

Monday, November 7, 10:21:39 PM

Probably the best Harry Potter movie and a fantastic way to end the series.

Monday, November 7, 07:44:47 PM

Amazing> I really like the way they tied it all in> I was worried we wouldn't see any cut scenes with snape at the end. 10 thumbs up!the

Monday, November 7, 06:47:42 PM

As sad as I was to see the decade of Harry Potter come to an end, I must say this was the best way of doing it. I was completely impressed form start to finish.

Monday, November 7, 06:42:34 PM

Amazing movie!!!