Thursday, February 3, 05:02:07 PM

another awesome potter film!

Tuesday, November 25, 10:56:29 AM

This movie introduces the character of Sirius Black and the actor, Gary Oldman. This proves to be a pivotal transition in Harry Potter's life; finding some person who finally shows him love as a father/brother figure. It's very powerfull. Getting to this end, though, Harry meets a new professor who teaches him a most powerful spell; one which gives Dumbledore new clues as to Harry's growth as a very powerful wizard. Amazing special effects!! Still, the film didn't reflect the book in several ways, which was disappointing.

Monday, June 9, 05:15:58 PM


Wednesday, February 6, 04:28:55 PM

i think harry potter is a good actor

Wednesday, July 4, 07:01:48 AM

Don't bother, this one's even worse than the last one.

Saturday, June 30, 07:44:27 AM

These movies are terrible! Put the series to bed already!

Sunday, June 3, 05:36:09 PM

It was scarier than the First 3.

Saturday, March 10, 06:46:44 PM

I found it more entertaining than the fourth one.

Tuesday, December 19, 03:51:21 PM

This movie was great and preatty entertaining but I think that the filmmakers could have worked on making it a bit closer to the book. I liked it though.

Thursday, October 12, 12:16:32 PM

This film has got a much darker feel. Part of that is a new director and Harry`s world is really turning upside down. It might have some scary elements for younger kids. So some that saw the first two might find this one too scary. But older fans of the series will be waiting to see how the book translates into film.

Tuesday, April 18, 09:31:47 PM

This is what I describe the movie as. A puzzle. They took the book, choped it up into tiny peaces, and put everything in the wrong spot. Nothing was were it was supposed to be. Harry is NOT supposed to get his new broomstick at the very end of the movie. They took out parts and added new ones that didn`t make sense! In other words, this movie was horrible. Did you think of actually reading the book before making the movie?

Tuesday, April 4, 07:17:56 PM


Wednesday, December 21, 09:27:37 PM

REALLY!!REALLY!REALY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I never watch this interesting movie.Well done Harry and Hermione!!You are agood actress.I love you two.

Wednesday, December 21, 08:59:47 PM

i think thisfilm is great.futhermore Daniel Radcliffe is my favourite actor.

Friday, December 16, 05:32:00 PM


Thursday, December 1, 06:46:46 PM


Wednesday, November 16, 10:32:16 PM


Monday, November 14, 10:47:34 PM

amazing!...very, very, very smart!

Saturday, November 12, 03:12:29 PM

best movie ever made!....i cant wait till the goblet of fire comes out!.....

Tuesday, November 8, 05:41:54 PM!

Monday, October 24, 05:46:53 PM

My favourite movie of the year, by far!

Saturday, October 22, 09:14:44 PM

"best movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sunday, October 16, 10:29:25 PM

"best picture of the year"

Saturday, October 8, 07:08:30 PM

so cool!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 11:45:30 PM

I think the movie was great!!!Daniel defiantly suits the character Harry. And i can`t wait till the fourth one comes out. And i wish that i could meet Daniel,Rupert and Emma.

Saturday, September 3, 10:47:07 PM


Saturday, September 3, 03:48:53 PM

"AMAZING"...."BEST MOVIE EVER MADE".....with just the right amount of movie magic!

Monday, August 29, 12:49:20 PM

best picture of the year!

Thursday, August 25, 11:56:36 PM


Monday, August 22, 09:56:29 PM


Monday, August 15, 12:54:48 AM

It was ok, but for people like me who have read the books, they left way too many important scenes out from the book. I was disappointed that they did not show Gryffindor winning the Quidditch cup. Many parts were all twisted and messed up. The next movie should stick closer to the book and consider the people who are big fans of the books. This movie was a let down, but still fairly good.

Tuesday, August 2, 01:33:02 AM

i voted 11,026 times exactly!!! five stars *****!!!!!

Saturday, July 30, 04:10:51 PM

wow!!!!! NOT for kids, but still a really amazing movie!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 06:27:22 PM

breath taking, amazing, outstanding, entertaining, wonderful, best movie of the year, worth your money, and best of all...its alot better then spider-man 2!!!..........GO SEE HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN!!!!!!!!!!.........

Saturday, June 11, 02:39:24 PM

Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban was the best Harry Potter movie ever I can`t wait for the next movie to come out and I hope the actors continue doing the movie sirise

Saturday, June 4, 07:26:58 PM

I didnt really like this one. the second one was better plus they didn`t show Gryffindor win the quidditch cup

Saturday, May 28, 09:05:25 PM

good movie

Tuesday, May 10, 06:43:54 PM

Fantastic, i like how they changed the uniforms

Tuesday, May 3, 09:44:23 PM


Saturday, April 16, 08:14:42 AM

This movie rocks! Its the best Harry potter movie. I find it very inspiring.Now Im gonna become an actress