Sunday, September 30, 09:19:35 PM

I haven't been this scared watching a movie since I saw The Ring as a teenager, after all those weird teaser ads on TV. This movie actually makes you feel the terror that the characters feel. It hurt my feelings.

Tuesday, September 18, 08:02:46 PM

Scary af ! ! ! !!

Tuesday, September 18, 07:35:34 AM

Freaky AF

Monday, September 10, 11:02:43 AM

Now this is how you do horror. Toni Collette brings it in this terror/drama/sci-fi with unexpected twists. At just over 2 hours, this movie is a commitment. But it's so worth it with scenes that made my skin crawl with anticipated fear! The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because of the director's decision to use long, wide camera still shots that make it feel like the audience isn't in on everything there is to see. Otherwise, people will be talking about this film for quite some time.

Monday, September 10, 10:30:55 AM

Fantastic in every way. The music is glorious, the performances of the entire cast are stellar, and it's scary and shocking as hell. If I am perfectly honest, this might just be the best horror movie I have ever seen.

Monday, September 10, 09:32:31 AM

Horror movies don't get made like this anymore. This is a film that takes its sweet time with the buildup, in order to deliver a powerful climax. Whereas most horror films nowadays rely on jump scares to thrill the audience, providing instant tension releases, this film grabs you and never lets go the entire time. I can't wait to see what this director brings in the future. scariest film I've seen in a decade, but watch it right - complete darkness, big screen, speakers up!

Sunday, September 9, 09:19:59 AM

One of the worst films ever! Extremely disappointed in it. Acting was embarrassing, no storyline and it left me annoyed at the end. I love "horror" films and give cheesy ones a try, but this was just awful in every aspect of the word!

Saturday, August 25, 01:06:39 PM

Really good movie, If your into jump scares this movie is not for you, this is more like the babadook. a lot of people complain about the ending but I thought it was perfect.

Saturday, August 25, 11:27:28 AM

It's obvious that the reason that in 2018, there's rarely any good horror movies anymore, because the people that keep making these horrible films are the same people that are giving THIS movie a bad review. This movie was one of the best horror films I've ever seen!!! It's not a big budget, cheap scare, slasher film. It's a supernatural, tense, chilling, well acted, powerful horror movie. The soundtrack builds tension. Every shot is well planned, and the movie plays out in three different acts, so just as you feel like you'[re catching your breath, it takes you deeper into the story. The ending had me watching the entire credits just because I was riveted to my seat, watching, thinking, feeling uneasy at what I'd just seen. Sorry to the haters, but this movie was amazing.

Saturday, August 25, 11:14:36 AM

The references are really interesting in this film. I see, for example, a scene from The Exorcist 3 that some have found stupid, but it is worth to watch it with some absolutely terrifying scenes and as disturbing as when the old lady in the retirement home crawl on the ceiling or when the nurse is killed in the hospital. Less inspired by Friedkin, I think the director is mostly inspired by the work of William Peter Blatty (Bill Friedkin should recognize it if he left his ego on the side for a few moments, Blatty had great ideas for staging). Toni Collette is absolutely great and should receive an Oscar for her performance.

Saturday, August 25, 11:07:01 AM

"Slow burner" is often an artsy alternative to "boring" so seeing the term used here didn't fill me with much hope. I assumed it would be like "The Witch" but no. Hereditary is a real old school occult thriller in a Rosemary's Baby kinda way. It's haunting, it's creepy and totally bonkers. I loved it.

Saturday, August 25, 11:00:48 AM

As a horror movie fan, I must say this movie was not typical. After watching it, I am left feeling disturbed. The dark psychological impact it left is hard to put in words. The unique twist and approach had me hooked. The acting was phenomenal. This is the best scary movie I have seen in years.

Thursday, August 23, 02:23:16 PM

This movie did not make any sense. It was unfair to ask the audience to take such a huge leap in faith that the plot would in anyway reach a plausible explanation. This movie isn’t worth seeing even in cheap theaters.

Saturday, July 28, 12:48:11 PM

By the end of the movie... I had to sit and think.... "WTF did I just watch???"

Saturday, July 28, 10:51:37 AM

I really hope Toni Collette gets an Oscar nomination. I know this is not a genre that gets recognized often but watching her unravel was just incredible. The film is fantastic, not your typical horror so it won't appeal to everyone - but I loved it. A slow-burn of a movie that keeps you guessing.

Friday, July 27, 03:26:46 PM

People will say that the Exorcist sucks. People will say that Jaws was a comedy. Some people say Get Out was "okay". The thing is, people's subjective viewpoints do not stop this film from being a masterpiece. Don't listen to the layman. If you are a REAL horror fan, you will love this.

Friday, July 27, 10:57:11 AM

Strong resemblance to the feeling given in Rosemary's Baby, this film will eventually be seen as a staple in the horror movie genre that every fan should see.

Friday, July 27, 10:55:26 AM

Not many jumpscares, which I appreciate. A good film director knows how to keep things scary without the use of jumps (there are a few). The artistic nature of the film impressed me very much, and they conveyed the relationship of the family very well. I am only confused with the ending, as I believe it convoluted a message that the movie was intentionally trying to make about the nature of obsessive motherhood. Other than that, the movie would have easily attained 5 stars.

Wednesday, July 25, 01:05:27 AM

Who the heck were all those naked people, and how did grandma get up in the attic? Fortunately I went on bargain night so it only cost me $5.

Monday, July 23, 01:52:56 PM

Well done! Creepy as hell, and totally original.

Monday, July 16, 04:05:43 PM

For once I completely agree with professional critics, this is a great movie. It's very smart and keeps you guessing what the hell is going on until the very end. What more can you ask for?

Monday, July 16, 12:36:19 PM

Horror movies that focus more on a family than on a monster or demon are always special in my opinion. That's because, in most viewpoints, that can be the scariest thing, a death in the family. The acting all the way through this film is spot on, the script is great and smart. Overall a great time.

Monday, July 16, 12:35:08 PM

Quick thoughts on Hereditary. Awesome movie if you like classic spooky psychological horror. Toni Collette is a bad ass. The ending is a bit of a let down. Highly recommend.

Monday, July 16, 12:01:55 PM

highly unsettling and disturbing, displays so many raw and honest emotions, one of best movie of 2018 so far.

Monday, July 16, 11:32:22 AM

defiantly not for everyone. very disturbing but defiantly one of my favorite horror movies.

Monday, July 16, 10:31:45 AM

Toni Colette is as often a revelation and the movie was so unusually terrifying in its approach to horror: I can only highly recommend it to anyone who likes Horror but it might still be too weird for many.

Monday, July 16, 10:25:43 AM

Really enjoyed this movie. The ending reminded me of Rosemary's Baby a wee bit. I didn't see that coming.

Monday, July 16, 10:23:01 AM

One of the greatest horror films of all time! It covers all genres of horror: it's a psychological thriller, it's gory, it's paranormal, it's a possession movie, and it sheds an uncomfortable and honest light on the realities of the stages of grief and how truly terrifying that is. Highly, highly recommend for those who enjoy a different, disturbing kind of horror story!

Saturday, July 14, 08:06:18 AM

Top 10 of best movies we've ever seen. Perfect in every way!!

Wednesday, July 11, 10:09:37 AM

Top 10 of worst movies we've ever wasted money on. Had so much potential but was a real snoozefest.

Tuesday, July 10, 02:24:49 PM

The first half is boring. The second half has some genuine scares, but the ending just ruins everything.

Tuesday, July 10, 02:09:08 PM

It started out OK'ish, but it really went downhill toward the end. It almost made me think they were trying to make a really bad movie with a cult-like following - because it was that bad.

Tuesday, July 3, 01:13:22 PM

A strong film that attempts to explain away its weaknesses within a convoluted set of antagonist intentions - Hereditary is a film that is well worth the watch but will leave the viewer complaining about parts that could have been stronger or tied together tighter.

Tuesday, July 3, 12:58:26 PM

I rarely give a movie a 5 star review after just one viewing, but this one comes pretty darn close. Loved it, and cannot wait to see it again as I'm sure I didn't pick everything up first time around.

Tuesday, July 3, 12:55:34 PM

One of the best movies I've seen so far! Very well written, great music, great cinematography, great directing! And last but not least....AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE FROM TONI COLLETTE!! Her acting is so good she scares! Never have I seen great acting from any other movie!! This movie has real horror, not jump scares, but its very horrifying!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 12:49:10 PM

This is a REAL scary movie. It's not cliche. It's very well thought out, about everything. It does involve a little bit of deep thinking, and picking up clues. But, it kept me and my whole family on our toes, and left me feeling very eerie and unsettled, which is EXACTLY what I want in a horror movie. There's A LOT I could say, but just extremely well done!

Tuesday, July 3, 12:47:37 PM

Insane!! Completely reversed all of my expectations. The trailer doesn't expose what actually happens. Watch this movie.

Tuesday, July 3, 12:43:00 PM

A well acted, slow burn family tragedy with solemn and moody storytelling. First time director Ari Aster gradually and effectively unveils enough sinister happenings to keep the audience on edge, until it all spirals out of control in a more unsubtle but undeniably hair-raising shock fest that will delight any fan of the occult and classic horror tropes.

Sunday, July 1, 11:26:48 PM

The most f**king ridiculous horror movie I have seen after “it follows”. No plot, no saving movie moment. The writer is an idiot!!! Please save your $14.

Sunday, July 1, 10:46:05 AM

Instantly became one of my top 3 horror movies of all time. Outstanding cinematography and acting, nail-biting atmosphere and a story that has so many twists and turns you don't ever feel like you know where it's gonna go next. If you like adult horror, go see this movie.