Wednesday, February 2, 10:13:46 AM

Lady Gaga needs to stop making movies.

Friday, January 14, 07:36:48 AM

Was not as good as I anticipated. Was slow. Acting OK. With star power, I expected more.

Thursday, December 30, 04:32:37 PM

Action packed, dialogue well. I hated the time line jumps.

Wednesday, December 29, 09:53:23 AM

The scenery and settings are spectacular. Both Italy and New York were spot on for the 70’s and 80’s. The overblown opulence of Gucci and the great soundtracks, iconic club ambience brought it all back in a way that felt true to the spirit of the times. Really enjoyed

Monday, December 20, 08:51:23 PM

just disgusting ,,,,,the Gucci family is evil and wicked and doesn't make me care of the famous name or feel for the women that married and threw divorced and then killed her Gucci husband, it just show in life u might have money u might have fame...if you're evil and wicked their no happy ending in life and specially in the end

Monday, December 20, 06:43:13 PM

Lady GaGa was Outstanding. As were all of the actors. Definitely an Oscar winning performance.

Sunday, December 19, 04:26:09 PM

Don’t waste your money. It was way too long and drawn out. I kept dosing off. Acting was okay. I was very disappointed

Thursday, December 16, 10:55:22 PM

This was very interesting movie. I never knew that there were no Gucci family alive to continue Gucci's legacy.

Thursday, December 16, 01:40:56 PM

What I liked was the music which set the mood of the characters and their ongoings in the elegant setting of the lavish rich, so different from mine.

Thursday, December 16, 08:33:27 AM

What I liked was the music which seemed to set a mood for the people with the ongoings of the Gucci’s.

Wednesday, December 15, 02:25:56 PM

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are chefs kiss. Salma Hayek is the cherry on top. Great story! Loved all of it and the sex scene is steamy.

Tuesday, December 14, 07:38:22 PM

I loved this movie. Lady Gaga gave an academy performance.

Tuesday, December 14, 01:53:25 AM

IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m obsessed. But to be honest, the ending was too rushed. They focused on Maurizio and Patrizia’s beginnings they didn’t really focus on the downfall after he died. LOVED IT THOUGH!! New favourite movie hands down.

Monday, December 13, 08:47:25 AM

If there's one movie I didn't like this year but had to see again it would be this one, mainly because Salma Hayek is so sexy.

Sunday, December 12, 05:08:18 PM

Fabulous is all I can say

Wednesday, December 8, 11:13:00 AM

Ridley Scott's best since Hannibal! Funny from the first frame to the last!

Wednesday, December 8, 10:49:54 AM


Saturday, December 4, 12:15:31 PM

I loved this movie. Lady GaGa was superb as were all the others actors. Am going to watch it again Wednesday while it's still in Polson.

Friday, December 3, 09:06:08 AM

I heard that Gaga adlibbed Father, Son and House of Gucci. It's in the trailer and was the biggest reason I didn't want to see the movie. I went anyway, and other than Gaga eating the scenery, it was actually not bad. Not great, but entertaining enough.

Wednesday, December 1, 01:35:31 PM

Not sure how real it was but I thoroughly enjoyed it. . though the end is sad and the movie showed lots of upheaval. . . those things happen. The acting was superb. . .I may see it a 2nd time.

Wednesday, December 1, 12:55:51 PM

Very good! Good acting; interesting; long, but enjoyed it!!

Wednesday, December 1, 07:53:01 AM

Should they ever decide to do a MOMMIE DEAREST remake, Gaga should be a lock to star in it.

Wednesday, December 1, 03:38:29 AM

Lady Gaga, Jack Huston, and Al Pacino really sell their characters with bravura and strength

Tuesday, November 30, 04:39:01 PM

A break-out performance by Hayek! She can write her own ticket, now.

Tuesday, November 30, 02:45:49 AM

Kinda goofy, which was a surprise. GooGoo was over the top, but Iron and Pacinini were good. Check it out, paisan.

Sunday, November 28, 08:35:22 PM

Very disappointing . The best parts were in the trailer IMO. The story was long and dragged out with no effort put into any of the plot points . When it started to get good around the murder it took about 5 minutes , murder to credits . If you blinked you would've missed it . I cannot recommend this film . Wait for video if you must see it .

Sunday, November 28, 08:09:11 PM

Would have been better if they focused largely on the Salma Hayek character.

Sunday, November 28, 07:37:40 PM

Only negative seemed to be no real development after Maurizio was killed right to trial

Sunday, November 28, 10:11:52 AM

EXCELLENT actors, acting, costumes, scenery, story line..... Everything you want in a movie!

Sunday, November 28, 07:56:52 AM

The acting.

Sunday, November 28, 07:56:40 AM

There were budget cuts so they cast Ga Ga instead of Charo.

Sunday, November 28, 01:58:26 AM

I kept waiting for Charo to show up. She never did.

Saturday, November 27, 04:14:55 PM

Pacino is cool as always; Ga Ga seems to be doing a bad Fran Drescher impression. I honestly can't see what attracted Ridley Scott to direct this project...

Saturday, November 27, 04:05:38 PM

Lady Ga ga can't act and Adam Driver is simply annoying. Irons and Pacino are fine, but you expect that from the greats.

Saturday, November 27, 10:09:48 AM

I must confess I thought it was poor.

Saturday, November 27, 07:56:09 AM

A very entertaining movie. Great actor's also.

Saturday, November 27, 12:42:01 AM

It's really good. Every scene is filled with impact

Friday, November 26, 09:20:08 PM

I expect much more than a garish exercise in camp when I pay to see a Ridley Scott movie. Embarrassing.

Friday, November 26, 08:22:55 AM

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga compete to see who can give the worst performance of the year. Just dreadful.

Friday, November 26, 04:46:23 AM

Loved watching it. Lady gaga was amazing as always.