Saturday, March 10, 11:30:20 AM

Would rate 5 stars if shown with original sound track and subtitles,

Wednesday, November 14, 10:35:02 PM

Moving Day was better.

Friday, March 16, 05:14:39 PM

i love the movie howl's moving castle

Tuesday, November 7, 03:36:35 AM

awsum movie!! Fully sick! original, creative, different, FANTASTIC!

Thursday, September 14, 11:40:15 AM

I fell in love with movie I have since purchase dthe book however not quite the same. I have also purchased the movie and watchit at least once a day. I find it to be a great love story and the detail in the characters and the setting are unparalleled. One if not my favorite movie of all time.

Sunday, June 11, 07:19:54 PM

Even if it didn`t match up with the book, the movie itself was wonderful! The story line and the characters were heartwarming and funny! i can`t wait to watch it again!

Friday, May 26, 11:28:27 PM

i think it`s an awesome movie and i am going to get it even thought i`m 13years of age itn wonderful movie and i really like the character aspashallythe girl.

Tuesday, May 16, 12:55:45 AM

magical...wonderful...i wanted to be in love...

Wednesday, May 10, 10:59:51 AM

This movie was my first experience with anime. I think it was GREAT!

Saturday, April 8, 03:55:13 PM

Beautiful scenery, magnificent plot, wonderful music. I love Myazaki`s work

Saturday, April 8, 01:51:08 PM

I think this is the BEST movie ever!!! I love it and now I own it! I think it was Miyazaki`s best movie ever created!!

Wednesday, April 5, 12:31:43 AM

The best movie ever! This is surely one of Hayao`s greatest films. the story is very interesting and i personally think Howl is one heck of a wizard!

Monday, April 3, 04:43:15 AM

This was one hell of an awesome movie! I loved it! The characters all had such depth and emotion. I cried when it was sad, laughed when it was funny, and was on the edge of my seat when the action sprung into....well, action. This is definatley one of Studio Ghibli`s greatest creations ever! A must see ~-^

Saturday, April 1, 01:56:23 AM

i love this movie.personally i love all of his movies.

Wednesday, March 29, 05:46:04 PM

It was an awasome ride,The action dosen`t let up. Ive never read the book but I would love to if it is as good as this movie,so I say BRAVO!

Friday, March 17, 06:54:05 PM

i love this movie...i believe it`s the most amazing movie i have ever seen

Thursday, March 16, 05:29:26 PM

Another beautiful masterpeice from Studio Ghibli. A must watch!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 09:29:37 AM

beautiful, Best movie I`ve ever seen. Its so inchanting...

Thursday, March 2, 04:10:03 AM

i hate it

Tuesday, February 14, 04:38:43 PM

I think It was really good book and movie story and pictures like magicl It was cool.

Monday, February 6, 05:14:04 PM

its perfect

Friday, February 3, 06:22:51 PM

THE BEST! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Anime and Hayaoh Miyazaki is my favorite Directer. I hope it wins at the Academy Awards!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 06:23:33 PM

So beautiful, as all of Miyazaki`s work. It really captivated me, the music, the characters, the story everything is so amazing.

Thursday, January 12, 12:19:47 AM

This is the best movie ever!!! It`s so romantic!!!

Saturday, December 24, 12:50:46 PM

It is an amazing movie with the most wonderful story and amimation, clearly, miyazaki`s best work ever.

Monday, December 19, 07:20:38 AM

Enchanting animation. A classic in an unique class of its own.

Tuesday, September 27, 06:39:30 PM

This is the first movie of this type that I`ve seen. Although not near a masterpiece, it was nonetheless entertaining for someone not really into this genre.

Sunday, September 4, 01:42:52 PM


Thursday, August 11, 03:45:52 PM

I got two words! SO and BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 07:01:56 PM

calcifer is just the cutest thing!

Wednesday, July 13, 02:39:38 PM

Best miyazaki film by far. Captivating story...totally sucked me right in. So emotional and fantastic. Will watch again...and again. Joe Hisaishi`s music absolutely MELTS THE SOUL. Must thank these masterful duos - animated oscar for SURE.

Tuesday, July 12, 10:13:35 PM

Howl`s castle is yet another masterpiece by Miyazaki. The animation is jaw-droppingly beautiful! I was thoroughly delighted and will go back to see it on big-screen again! The style is a cross between Spirited Away and Kiki. My two favourites.

Tuesday, July 12, 01:39:08 AM

I loved it so much! It`s the best animated movie, make that the best movie I`ve seen in awhile!

Tuesday, June 28, 11:12:23 AM


Saturday, June 25, 05:48:10 PM

One of the best movies I have ever seen, anime or not! It completely sucked me in with it`s incredible plot, and all the characters were deep and exceptionally likeable. Complete with humour, magic and a sweet love story, i recommend this movie to anyone!

Wednesday, June 22, 07:46:54 PM

Miyazaki`s Howl`s Moving Castle was AMAZING! one of the best, its a must buy when it comes out on DVD. Its a movie a personally think everyone will love, the characters were great, the music was splendid, and it`s a must watch movie!

Saturday, June 18, 07:16:15 PM

I think this is one of Miyazaki`s greats. As Ebert stated, it had a little less story, and alot more spectacle. I loved it.

Saturday, June 18, 01:06:28 AM

i loved it; great story line and wonderful music. i`ll definitely buy the dvd when it comes out.

Friday, June 17, 12:29:57 PM

Amazing and enchanting anime. The storyline is a little confusing due to the time constraint, but it is a great movie overall!

Sunday, June 12, 10:10:06 AM

pretty good