Wednesday, October 16, 11:36:07 PM

Yes there is some vulgarity & some sexual content, but the concept of AI voice in a smartphone becoming vindictive , a smart ass & vulgar, I thought was an interesting subject. I'm not one for swear words but the point would have been missed if it was polite AI. I actually didn't know there was going to be so much swearing. I thought it was very creative & many funny moments. The content though, is indicative of the times. I'm going to see it again. It was funnier than other so called comedies with more well known comedians. Wanda Sykes & Michael Pennas was also in it. The F word in general conversation is offensive, but as used in this movie, puts it in a different context. So put down your righteous sword & have a few laughs. rh

Tuesday, October 15, 11:48:53 AM

If there was a rating minus five I would use it for this film. should be rated 3X. Bad words for no reason.

Saturday, October 12, 09:46:11 PM

Why do they have to ruin a movie with a100 plus cussing words? Are they that nobody will watch it if there are no profanities said?

Thursday, October 10, 10:23:43 PM

It was the worst movie I've seen in 42 years!. A good idea but didn't need all the swearing, sexual innuendo, and nudity. If anything that distracted from the theme rather than added to the concept of the movie. It doesn't even deserve a star.

Monday, September 9, 03:02:10 PM

Nice I love this!