Friday, June 7, 05:54:22 PM

It will make you believe Kristen Stewart is a man, for those who dream of such things.

Thursday, May 2, 05:44:14 PM

I also saw at TIFF - Toronto you are in for a treat if you missed the gala at RTH. K Stew is soooooooooo good.

Thursday, May 2, 01:33:36 PM

I saw this last week at Inside Out festival. Kristen Stewart is perfect as JT LeRoy. Hard to believe that this is a true story, but look up the Vice film maker interview on YouTube to learn more about this if you didn't already know. Fascinating. I can't believe how many people they fooled.

Wednesday, May 1, 08:06:20 PM

Saw this at TIFF. Not just for fans of Kristen Stewart - but damn she has had some great roles lately. Based on a true story that is pretty insane. Look it up if you don't know about it. Worth seeing in the theatre instead of waiting for home viewing as it looks gorgeous on the big screen.