Wednesday, December 7, 04:57:20 AM

Wholesome movies based on true stories without obscene language, nudity, and perversion are SO refreshing. I would give more than five stars, if possible.

Wednesday, October 5, 09:17:53 PM

As parents of an adopted son who has searched for both of his birth parents, the movie was very true to life for us. We are in contact with our son’s birth parents and grandparents; so we shed tears of joy as we remembered the many blessings his life has brought to our home and to our family.

Sunday, October 2, 05:11:02 PM

I didn’t have a dry eye for the whole movie

Thursday, September 29, 09:40:10 AM

Nothing makes a better movie than a true story and these movie makers never making the best of the best!

Wednesday, September 28, 10:08:10 PM

Such an inspirational movie! It’s a great reminder of how we are supposed to be standing for Christ in such a fallen world.

Friday, September 23, 08:40:29 PM

Another great movie involving Kirk Cameron. Gives me hope that there are more wholesome, clean movies to come in the future. And they’re getting ever better!!

Wednesday, September 21, 12:09:11 PM

Great movie!

Tuesday, September 20, 11:36:30 PM

Gives a voice to to the one who often looses the opportunity to have a voice.

Monday, September 19, 09:46:14 PM

Pro-life, anti-abortion view of an idealized adoption. I was offended by all the God references, as if people have no control over the direction their lives take.

Monday, September 19, 08:34:29 AM

A beautiful story to bring light to adoption and how this can answer the prayers of couples who earnestly want to adopt children. It’s about love, compassion, gratitude, reconciliation and redemption. All life matters.

Friday, September 16, 08:46:21 AM


Thursday, September 15, 06:03:16 PM

It took a couple of extremely sensitive issues from a true story, and showed what God can do when we make the right, selfless choice!!! I thought it was beautiful!, well done, touching! Made me laugh, and cry! I can't wait to see it again!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 04:01:22 PM

Very informative and excellent acting. Showing compassion in so many ways for all involved and based on a true experience.

Wednesday, September 14, 02:35:53 PM

An amazing movie.......especially because it is based on a true story. Highly recommend this movie, it is a beautiful true story.

Wednesday, September 14, 07:31:00 AM

Wonderful life story from the child who was allowed to live! The unselfish young girl who made such a mature decision really touched my heart. Our Lord’s love and forgiveness was reflected throughout the movie. What a wonderful gift this movie is!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 05:53:32 PM

A real life story that will gives a different perspective on choices we can make that have a positive impact on another’s life.

Monday, September 12, 09:54:16 AM

We went as a family, which includes our adopted daughter. It was a special time for us, and the movie was well done! It was quite humorous along with the importance of the topic.

Monday, September 12, 07:28:25 AM

I have always enjoyed the movies done by the Kendrix brothers. Their goal is to always reveal the heart of God even with very difficult topics. This is a movie of a woman's battle to make right decision concerning her life and the life of the child. It revealed God's mercy and grace that appeared in a moment! God knows what is best! We must trust Him even in the darkest days. He said He will never leave you or forsake you. He proved that in this reenactment. Thank you!

Sunday, September 11, 09:42:32 PM

Love that this was a real life story. It introduced us to the real people and the characters who played their story. I concurred the message was; give the fetus a chance to live with or without you. The choices given to us is the ones you have after the girl has conceived, adoption or abortion. Adoption shows as the best option. We see the outcome of the unselfish decision, she opted for life of the fetus. The movie led one to feel every emotion the characters were going through. Heart felt! If only more females would take contraception, we would not have to abort babies. Great movie!

Sunday, September 11, 07:18:00 PM

I love that this is a true story - almost exactly as it happened per video footage of the 2018 documentary, "I Lived on Parker Avenue". It's not slanted this way or that way, it's just 1 extended family's experience. And they happen to be strong Christians. So what? That's what got everyone through their unique trials. It's a beautiful story that I hope inspires more people to consider this totally selfless option of adoption. 1 million people waiting to adopt each year!! And the birthmom gets to hand-select the adopting family! Bring tissue! The kid videotaping was a little annoying, but someone did videotape the whole story. Thank you!

Sunday, September 11, 10:55:36 AM

Kirk Cameron's best movie since Saving Christmas; but that's not saying much at all.

Saturday, September 10, 09:20:57 PM

This movie was pro birth propaganda and I was offended by the way they portray other choices besides adoption. The family appears too perfect and unrealistic and their incessant conversation about “ G-D” was extreme and they were religious zealots. If they had excluded the part about the “ near abortion” the other issues could have been overlooked.

Saturday, September 10, 01:54:28 PM

I liked it because it gives information for options for a couple or single person to make the best choice for their baby as well as their future. To actually hear the true stories of real people who did just that and the Awesome outcome for everyone; especially #1 the baby.

Saturday, September 10, 11:14:23 AM

It is not often you can watch a well-made, well-acted, movie that has value. The subject of adoption was presented clearly, compassionately, and positively. It is a complex subject that was clearly presented. I enjoyed it very much. :)

Saturday, September 10, 10:55:27 AM

Great movie that celebrates the values that are now lacking in the world. I wish there were more movies like LIFEMARK. Congratulations Kirk Cameron!! God bless you!

Saturday, September 10, 12:36:53 AM

Hit pretty much all the emotions. Started out a little disjointed but all the threads got pulled together for an emotional roller coaster of a film. Raw and real.

Saturday, September 10, 12:36:36 AM

An excellent film. Shows the beauty of adoption and its effect on the birth parents as well as the adoptive parents. It is slanted on choosing life over abortion but not in an overbearing way.

Friday, September 9, 10:00:16 PM

The most beautiful movie I have seen in a long long time. Incredibly well done and so moving. Kirk Cameron deserves an academy award! I highly recommend it.

Friday, September 9, 10:22:59 AM

Emotional and exciting! Nothing like this movie has been ever made before! A must see for everyone!