Friday, September 4, 09:35:27 AM

Nope. Too long, jumped back and forth so I never knew where the characters were in time, Saoirse was good as Jo but Emma Watson would have been way better in the role, Laurie miscast.... I watched about 2/3 of it, got sleepy, turned it off, forgot about it, then remembered a week later and watched another 10 minutes then gave up on it. I have seen the earlier versions of Little Women, even the old black and white one and they were all way better.

Wednesday, February 26, 06:43:59 PM

I was very disappointed. i couldn’t wait for it to end

Saturday, February 22, 08:12:42 PM

Aaaarrgghhh. Long.................................& boring.

Monday, February 17, 11:51:34 PM

Excellent movie. Wish they made more like this.

Saturday, February 15, 03:15:30 PM

A ZERO star movie. I've watched the original movie (multiply times) and enjoyed it. I was hoping this would be just as good or better! However, it was not. I was completely confused when they switched from the present to the past. Added feminist theme to it, and some of the actors look too old for the age they are supposed to be. IF you still want to watch this, I'd advise you to watch the original movie first.

Monday, February 10, 04:16:18 PM


Sunday, February 9, 10:39:31 PM

I loved this movie. You can take the whole family and not worry. Very entertaining.

Friday, February 7, 03:17:31 PM

Loved the characters. It was well cast and well done. A movie that didn't make me feel uncomfortable with sex or swearing unnecessarily.

Friday, February 7, 12:21:11 AM

Ridiculously done. A snore.we walked out after an hour.

Thursday, February 6, 03:02:54 PM

The director/screenwriter relentlessly pushed a feminist agenda that was not at all necessary and totally ruined the ending, diverging greatly from the book. The book in itself was empowering to women to begin with and the director felt it necessary to bash us on the head with political diatribe. I go to the movies to be entertained - not lectured to., It was a visually gorgeous movie but I left the theatre with a bad taste in my mouth.

Wednesday, February 5, 04:42:22 PM

This movie was superb. The acting, sets and costumes were exceptional!

Tuesday, February 4, 05:50:13 PM

Thought it was very well done!

Monday, February 3, 10:48:00 PM

I have read this book at least 4 times and have seen at least 2 previous movies of the story. I enjoyed this one tremendously. The people who seem to struggle with the format must not have read the book. Perhaps that is is good way to enjoy the movie. READ more and complain less. However, after watching the movie, a viewer can truly enjoy reading the book more since it provided insight that takes a little thinking about the dynamics between the characters. I consider it a fabulous movie! In addition, I am taking my 32 year old daughter to see it with me tomorrow. She is very excited about watching it from this new perspective. i am looking forward to seeing it again and catching more details. Lots of fun!

Monday, February 3, 03:49:47 PM

I loved the movie. It was a wonderful story. The actors were great. I would see it again!

Sunday, February 2, 10:49:17 PM

Total bore. Stupidly done. We left after 1 hour.

Sunday, February 2, 04:06:51 PM

If I had not seen the other 2 versions of this I would have been utterly lost. I finally figured out half way through it that they were going back and forth. Not as good as the original but the acting was okay.

Tuesday, January 28, 10:11:54 PM

Such a pleasure to see a movie with such superb acting and writing. They need to make more movies like this instead of that disgusting Tiffany Haddish movie. This definitely deserved the Oscar nominations it got.

Tuesday, January 28, 06:34:14 PM

This movie is so boring and uneventful! Anyone giving this a four or five star rating is insane....mind numbing...plotless...and without a doubt the worst of the Little Women films...very are going to regret it if you go...

Tuesday, January 28, 05:24:00 PM

Loved the historical quality of the film and tender relationships.

Monday, January 27, 09:12:41 PM

To say this movie was anything but a complete and utter waste of time would be giving it far too much credit. Like the previous poster I went because it was leading the box office so must be good right? WRONG!! it was absolutely b-o-r-i-n-g Shame on the academy for nominating this for best picture it was so stupid!

Monday, January 27, 09:09:18 PM

I went to this movie because it had five stars and was leading the box office gross receipts. I'm so sorry I went it was absolutely awful what a waste of time and money never ever again!

Monday, January 27, 09:07:04 PM

Took my daughter and her 3 friends - 14 yrs. We all found it boring, hard to follow, stupid. As a mother, elementary school teacher, and movie buff I didn't think it was very good at all. Funny how almost everything with Meryl Streep in it today is awful; she, who referred to Harvey Weinstein as "God". Two hours of our lives we will never get back.

Sunday, January 26, 09:15:22 PM

I don't get why the ratings I saw before I went to this movie were 4 stars. This movie was all over the place. Too hard to follow, way to many flashbacks to figure out what was going on. Waste of time and money

Saturday, January 25, 01:24:00 PM

The movie grew boring. The flashbacks were frustrating.characters were not developed enough for the audience to care what happened with them. I saw it with 15 year old. female She had same remarks.

Saturday, January 25, 05:48:03 AM

I guess because I knew the story, there was no surprises. The original and second remake was better. All in all I found it kind of boring but can well understand how someone totally new to it would appreciate it much more. I didn't like the portrayal of Laurie at all. There wasn't any development of the relationship between Meg and her writing mentor. All of a sudden she's madly in love and you got the impression that she had only met him once. Not my favorite. I only saw it because there was nothing else I hadn't seen.

Saturday, January 25, 01:03:38 AM

Wonderful period costumes & scenery. Switching time periods confusing & frustrating. Drawn out longer movie. Given piano to Beth was not the same piano she was playing at the mansion.

Thursday, January 23, 08:13:02 PM

In my “best movie I’ve ever seen “ list! Beautifully acted, filmed, directed! I only wish I could have seen it with my daughters!

Thursday, January 23, 09:34:12 AM

The director made every scene extraordinary..It felt like a new take on an old classic.The acting, the way it unfolded start to finish, I am amazed that more people are not calling this a masterpiece.

Wednesday, January 22, 10:31:28 PM

Well acted, enjoyable touching story for the era with some deviation from the book as this version did a more current rendition than the previous 2 versions.

Wednesday, January 22, 12:50:17 PM

Exceptional character acting

Tuesday, January 21, 10:07:13 PM

I would have rated it higher but too many flashbacks. Fortunately I had read the book long ago and seen all the other film version. Also liked the one with Winona Ryder as Jo and Katherine Hepburn long time ago. I liked this one enough that I will see again.

Tuesday, January 21, 09:04:54 AM

Good but not great. preferred the old version....actresses too old for the parts. Disappointed in Meryl Streep's part. Otherwise the scenery and costumes was good for that period of time.

Tuesday, January 21, 07:59:47 AM

Excellent. Probably the best movie playing right now.

Monday, January 20, 12:32:42 PM

Acting, directing, writing.

Sunday, January 19, 02:33:58 PM

Such a bore, but probably an effective cure for insomnia.

Saturday, January 18, 08:11:38 PM

Very beautiful movie. Story, scenery, cinematography. I love it.

Saturday, January 18, 05:22:45 PM

Excellent adaptation, directing, acting, and costumes.

Friday, January 17, 06:25:44 PM

Enjoyed this movie.

Friday, January 17, 03:31:11 PM

Loved it! Well done adaptation of the classic novel. Watched with two adults and two girls 11 and 13 years old and we all loved it start to finish.

Thursday, January 16, 11:14:14 AM

Beautifully made loved it.