Friday, May 10, 10:40:12 PM

A beautiful, inspiring , true story . Tears flow, but the outcome is a miracle. Well worth watching. God is so good.

Tuesday, February 21, 02:35:43 PM

great :)!

Thursday, July 21, 05:31:34 PM

Amazing movie that has brought me closer to the Lord, and has made me repent and be ever more thankful for my healthy children. I continue to pray for children who are suffering, and may we be able to help them in any way we can.

Sunday, July 3, 03:33:02 PM

Truth, miracles do happen

Tuesday, June 7, 08:07:48 PM

This movie helped bring up memories about my past I enjoyed this movie it shows how you need to keep hope and keep trust in god love the movie would defiantly recommend 🙏🏾😊??

Tuesday, June 7, 08:02:10 PM

Great movie!!

Monday, May 30, 06:08:04 PM

Excellent, movie, great acting and casting - great impact! Emotional, moving, inspiring. For all ages. To the honor, praise, glory, and power of God Almighty! A true story!

Monday, May 2, 10:19:24 PM

Excellent movie, was very inspirational. Would recommend to everyone!

Saturday, April 30, 11:33:45 PM

Excellent movie

Monday, April 25, 06:42:15 PM

Wonderfully heartwarming and heartbreaking at the sametime

Monday, April 25, 04:47:34 PM

I really enjoyed this movie

Friday, April 22, 03:47:35 PM

What a well acted and truly inspiring story. You may need some kleenex! It was really unforgettably wonderful. You will not regret going; it starts slowly and really impacts you in a very uplifting way!

Sunday, April 17, 11:24:50 PM

saw it for a second time and love that much more as I did the first time seeing it, this film is lovely and beautiful and make u feel in your soul of great joy, god loves you through his son Jesus Christ come to him and be saved and humble your heart then you will see this film and understand the words from the heart of god, father and friend amen, cheers and god bless : )

Sunday, April 17, 04:30:31 PM

Very good. If you didn't know how the movie ended, the first 3/4 would be quite depressing, as they described the illness and attempts to treat it in detail

Sunday, April 17, 11:31:02 AM

An emotional experience that makes you appreciate your children's health. Loved how the film was not 'preachy' or judgemental, and the overall message is that, although there are not always answers, we are not alone. If you already love God, you will love this movie. If you don't, you will think about it....

Saturday, April 16, 10:02:33 PM

Boring and stupid.

Friday, April 15, 05:00:29 PM

This is not your typical preachy "Christian" movie. Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah bring solid acting chops, and the rest of the cast rises to the occasion. It really touches your heart, especially since it's based on a true story, but doesn't go overboard. Still, you'll need tissues. Good writing, good editing, good camera work - which means it also had a good director and producers who knew what they were doing. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it's not quite Oscar-worthy. Almost, though. :) Would love to see more Christian movies done as well as this one.

Sunday, April 10, 09:03:14 PM

Very well done and the acting by Jennifer Garner and the actor who played Anna was exceptional. This was a tear jerker but I would see it again and plan to have it as a part of my collection. I am going to bring my grandchildren to see it. Miracles really do happen!! Real life makes great movies.

Saturday, April 9, 10:11:59 PM

Content superb, acting perfect, so right on with way Christians are being treated, this is one movie I will want in my collection.

Thursday, April 7, 01:56:16 AM

Very good a few moments made me cry it's a awesome show very heart warming

Wednesday, April 6, 05:48:55 PM

Great movie. I believe in miracles. The biggest miracle is that God choose to send His son to die for my sins and I will spend eternity in heaven. Thank you Jesus.

Tuesday, April 5, 01:41:02 PM

The acting was superb

Tuesday, April 5, 01:41:00 PM

The acting was superb

Tuesday, April 5, 11:17:13 AM

Amazing. Simply amazing.

Monday, April 4, 02:54:50 AM

This movie was phenomenal and the acting of Jennifer Garner and the little girl who played Anna was exceptional. Both deserve awards for their portrayals in the movie. Such an emotional and tear jerker also; one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!!! Yes, miracles do happen and having faith in God means everything! I would see it again in a heartbeat....

Monday, April 4, 02:54:50 AM

This movie was phenomenal and the acting of Jennifer Garner and the little girl who played Anna was exceptional. Both deserve awards for their portrayals in the movie. Such an emotional and tear jerker also; one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!!! Yes, miracles do happen and having faith in God means everything! I would see it again in a heartbeat....

Sunday, April 3, 04:14:27 PM

We all loved that it was real, revealed the hurt in life but also revealed the truth and where our hope, peace and love come from. Our creator God it is real God has been with me through cancer & pain and gave me a peace that no one can give you or buy

Saturday, April 2, 11:06:11 PM

This is beautiful faith based feel good movie!!! I would see it again!!!

Saturday, April 2, 06:28:50 PM

Great film about a family's wrestling with faith and doubt. What a great story of what it means to struggle with the big questions of life.

Saturday, April 2, 04:22:57 AM

Great story and cast

Saturday, April 2, 12:10:37 AM

Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed the cast and story.

Friday, April 1, 10:55:40 AM

Amazing true story of faith in the midst of troubles. Jennifer Garner deserves an award for her part. It turns out she was raised in a Christian home and rededicated her life to Jesus because of this film. God is so good. He desires every person to be saved.

Thursday, March 31, 09:38:31 PM

loved it thanx for sending to the theatres

Sunday, March 27, 10:57:18 PM

Thank you for writing and creating this movie. I love movies based on a true story. Especially a Christian one. I smiled and I cried. Truely a heart felt story. It sure was a miracle! Loved it. Connie Himebaugh, Mason, MI

Sunday, March 27, 09:14:09 PM

Went to see this film with my kids and my parents. Ages from 6-70 years old, We all LOVED it! A true story, good actors! Open your heart, even if you do not believe in miracles, you Will sure enjoy it!

Sunday, March 27, 01:14:32 PM

let u tell me it doesn't disappoint, actually it was better than I thought it was going to be, and I really really love the church they go to very vintage retro building as I really like the architectural design of the church just a beautiful film as it tug at your heart and you feel the pain of the little girl and mother as they fight to hold on to their faith and love for each other, it was seriously hard to fight off the tears when very sad moments where in the film, I would see it again on the big screen and u should find the time and see a very beautiful loving film and you will come out changed as it had changed me transformed in the renewing of your mind,

Sunday, March 27, 01:04:56 PM

Bill Marr documentary from a few years ago which give a more accurate view of religion.????? sorry bill marr wont help u inherit the kingdom of heaven,thumbs down to this person who didn't see Miracles From Heaven but wants to trash Christianly and would typically of course prefer Spotlight which I'm sure is a really well done film but it is not what Christianly is about just some priest's that abusing their position and falling into sin and of course this person is perfect free from sin, as the saying goes he who is with out sin cast the first stone

Monday, March 21, 11:09:46 PM

I seen this a good movie It was some funny parts and some sad parts to it ok

Monday, March 21, 09:12:39 PM

Really nice movie! Jennifer Garner is amazing. Kind of wondered why their church didn't do any fundraising to help family with medical expenses.

Monday, March 21, 11:20:18 AM

Based on true life events, made this movie undeniably wonderful to witness the goodness of God at work in this families very difficult life threatening circumstances. Makes me love God more!