Monday, August 20, 10:09:35 AM


Monday, August 20, 09:05:52 AM

the movie was action packed. classic Cruise. Easily one of the best Mission Impossible movies in the franchise.

Monday, August 20, 04:35:40 AM

Terrible dialogue, stupid plot, too long

Sunday, August 19, 11:45:39 PM

I don't know why TC is still making movies....his expression has not changed in any of them.

Sunday, August 19, 03:37:35 PM

Awesome movie! Wish it was longer so many of the scenes could have played longer. I can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, August 18, 05:11:02 PM

If you want non-stop action, you may enjoy this. If you want a thoughtful or clever plot, you will be disappointed. Too long and frankly boring!

Friday, August 17, 10:17:22 PM

Tom cruise still has energy to fight and do stunts Very good movie I love the original casts

Friday, August 17, 05:59:07 AM

needs more bongos. Best theme music ever

Friday, August 17, 04:20:28 AM

Wow! Best of the Best!

Friday, August 17, 04:20:03 AM

Best movie of the year!

Friday, August 17, 04:19:22 AM

best acting from Tom Cruise. Love it so much, watch it twice and and watch it again.

Friday, August 17, 04:18:19 AM

Top performance of Tom Cruise, just don't be so stupid to watch this movie if you are jealous about him. he is the super star.

Thursday, August 16, 05:48:49 PM

Plot is full of twists & fantastic action, scenes..and Tom Cruise, in his,middle 50s, does the majority of stunts.

Thursday, August 16, 04:22:05 PM

Excellent action movie. It was non-stop action from beginning to end. Henry Cavill adds a real dimension to the movie. The stunts were outstanding, and the plot was pretty tight for a MI movie. Easily the best movie of the franchise. Would definitely see it more than once.

Thursday, August 16, 04:19:56 PM

Non-stop action, great stunts, and a reasonably tight plot. Definitely the best one of the franchise.

Wednesday, August 15, 11:23:25 PM

Why you still spent your money to see this movie if you really don't like Tom Cruise, so stupid you are!

Wednesday, August 15, 09:42:39 PM

yep, watched MI 6 2x. 1st in big fancy theatre with big sound / seats. Loved it, but almost had a heart attack with the live stunts. Cruise is easily The best leading actor / stunt man in history! This is an action movie, limited dialogue but funny and well delivered. Best part is no CGI crap distancing audience from action. At least 8 memorable scenes in MI 6 all worthy of a movie plot around those scenes. Lots of unexpected moments that are destined to become iconic moments in cine history. This is a movie to see on a BIG screen, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 14, 09:47:38 PM

Not a Tom Cruise fan & still not after seeing this.

Tuesday, August 14, 07:37:11 AM

It is blatantly obvious that those with ratings below 3 have not even left the house to see the movie. The movie is a 5 for me and maybe a 3-4 for others - I can be pretty critical of movies and this one was a winner for the series and well worth seeing! Ignore the 1-2 stars as they are just noise.

Tuesday, August 14, 07:33:32 AM

Simply action packed! Best Mission Impossible so far.

Monday, August 13, 10:04:36 PM


Monday, August 13, 09:17:24 PM

Cruise proves again he is a has-been; maybe a never was .....

Sunday, August 12, 11:15:28 PM

Excellent movie....lots of edge of your seat action.

Sunday, August 12, 11:54:16 AM

Very action packed.

Sunday, August 12, 03:11:43 AM

One of the best MI! There´s something happening all the time, no boring parts. Beautiful locations, creative action and the bonus - Tom Cruise does the most of the stunts alone! No CGI mess.

Sunday, August 12, 01:51:17 AM

Please do not spend money to watch this movie if you don't like Tom Cruise. Felt really sorry about your comments, you should consult your doctor about what is wrong with your brain. This is the best mission impossible movie ever done by Tom Cruise.

Friday, August 10, 08:55:46 PM

Watched the movie twice, still wanted to watch it again, so good!

Friday, August 10, 08:54:53 PM

5-stars, the best movie.

Friday, August 10, 08:54:06 PM

So stupid you still spending money to see the movie of Tom Cruise when you keep saying he is the worst. My goodness, your brain must have problem.

Friday, August 10, 08:53:34 PM

Time for Cruise to retire - he has far overeached his usefulness

Friday, August 10, 08:51:42 PM

Tom Cruise still position in the highest income movie star in Hollywood.

Friday, August 10, 08:51:11 PM

Lots of action; but the movie sequels have been far overrun - time to bury this idiot & his attitude & lack of acting ....

Friday, August 10, 08:50:29 PM

Tom Cruise is the best actor for this Movie and no one can replace him, check your brain if you say NO!

Friday, August 10, 08:45:13 PM

Movie impossible should be right comment of this 5 stars great movie as to make this movie seems like impossible but Tom Cruise did it so well. Bravo!!!

Friday, August 10, 08:43:14 PM

someone's brain needs to be fixed as all written in his comment is BS.

Friday, August 10, 07:37:38 PM


Friday, August 10, 10:23:25 AM

First I didn't even realize that this was a part 2 of Rogue Nation, with most actors returning for this "sequel" & it's better than the first. Lots of bang bang action, kung-fu action & car chases, & some funny stuff. In the public loo during the Parisian rave party/ night club scene, where you see a bunch of gay guys coming around the toilet stalls asking to join "the party", now that is an awesome gay joke!*****

Friday, August 10, 01:19:09 AM

So, so good. Amazing when you know Tom does all his own stunts and he’s actually jumping out of airplanes, etc. Really good movie, great action, great story. One of th best mission impossible’s!

Thursday, August 9, 01:32:51 PM

Does exactly what you expect from a movie like this....entertains! Yes, it has some predictable moments. Yes, it is over the top in a lot of action sequences. And yes, some things just work out a little too 'neatly' to be believed. But so what!? You either like these kinds of movies or you don't. I had no problem with any of the actors or the acting. Maybe not Oscar-worthy performances but once again, this is not intended to be a movie focused on deep character study and close-up facial expressions, emotions, etc.. If you love action movies, go see it. If you don't, then don't go see it. Pretty simple.

Wednesday, August 8, 11:24:24 PM

My brain does not need to be fixed....I didn't like TC's so-called acting & that's my opinion. Movie impossible is right!