Sunday, August 7, 07:22:57 PM

a black gentleman in England? Seriously? Another BLM movie rewritting history

Thursday, July 14, 04:56:59 PM

It was so nice to see people falling in love and being civil with each other even when love may not necessarily be in their path at that moment. Very nice message about love, family, friendship, and courtship.

Thursday, July 14, 04:54:43 PM

Loved it!

Thursday, July 14, 03:16:13 PM

Apparently typing in the lead actor’s name with the Pan-Nigerian glyphs or accent marks (as I did in my review a few minutes ago) caused his name to show up as “??p?”, instead of Sope, when the actual review was published below. So let me reiterate: His name is Sope Dirisu & he is charming as Mr. Malcolm.

Thursday, July 14, 03:01:21 PM

Just what I needed--a happy, romantic escape from the drudgery of real life. Not perfect, but fun & warmhearted, & the actors are a joy to watch! Zawe Ashton is a delight & steals the show, ??p? Dìrísù is charming, Freida Pinto is captivatingly lovely, & I would walk on hot coals to see Theo James read a phone book, & he makes the most of a small, but memorable turn as Capt. Henry Ossory. Other performances of note are those of Oliver Jackson-Cohen & Doña Croll. Such a diverse, talented cast in a period piece is always a welcome sight. Support small, independent films!

Thursday, July 14, 08:56:13 AM

Enjoyed it so much. Refreshing departure from usual summer franchise offerinfs.

Thursday, July 14, 07:36:39 AM

You will leave the movies w a smile on your face.

Tuesday, July 12, 10:14:44 PM

You see? This is why people hate women!

Thursday, July 7, 10:16:55 AM

Fun and funny. Laughed out loud multiple times.

Monday, July 4, 07:22:59 PM

Very boring.

Sunday, July 3, 03:45:34 PM

Not my usual choice of movies but it was a refreshing change! A feel good movie, easy to watch and a bit of fun!

Saturday, July 2, 10:58:14 PM

That was two hours of my life I will never get back! Story and acting horrible. I would say it was like watching Downton Abby meets The Bachelor and not in a good way! Glad I at least earned a free pass to the next movie by buying popcorn! At least that was good!

Saturday, July 2, 11:03:24 AM

Love Theo James! He is the best Regency man!

Saturday, July 2, 10:03:23 AM

Fun regency..comedy. Excellent performances