Wednesday, January 16, 05:08:59 PM

This was just an excellent, excellent movie! I did not realize how good it would be! I have encouraged everyone I know to see the movie! This movie helped me understand what an amazing, brilliant woman is RGB!

Wednesday, January 16, 07:49:13 AM

Excellent performance by all. Great movie!

Monday, January 14, 04:37:26 PM

Fantastic film! RBG was,and still is, an inspiration! Not just for my generation (baby boomers), but for women and men of all ages. Millennials: Wake Up and Pay Attention!

Monday, January 14, 03:22:42 PM

This is an excellent biopic of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Contrary to the negative review below, it is an honest depiction of Ginsberg's rise to the Supreme Court. She is an American heroine in my opinion!

Monday, January 14, 01:33:10 PM

A fantastic depiction of an important time in the early days of women's struggle for equal rights. Gloria Steinem was just beginning to light a fire that spread and grew. I lived through those days and thank RBG for her tireless efforts, through many decades, to win equality for women in the workplace. Note: what little bits of fiction that were added (she didn't really attend her husband's classes for him or flub her opening statement) did not detract from the truth of her story.

Sunday, January 13, 08:37:38 PM

I thought it was well done and I enjoyed it.

Saturday, January 12, 06:41:06 AM

Great movie & well acted in presenting the little known silent heroes; Someone who persists, in spite of the odds in the pursuit of righting wrongs, Now if only we had a hero today to fix our political system , corporate-run gov't & wall street. I don't think I've ever seen a movie where the highlight of the movie, (where applicable), is the courtroom drama. Any body remember "And Justice For All"?

Thursday, January 10, 11:26:11 PM

It's a glorified political commercial that combines half-truths in order to propel a completely false narrative.

Sunday, January 6, 12:57:43 AM

Inspirational, educational and we'll acted!

Thursday, December 27, 08:00:54 PM

This was great ! Ten times better than the docudrama :RBG. that came out last year. Emphasis upon her great women's rights accomplishments.