Wednesday, November 20, 06:17:21 PM

Exciting with a message for all!

Saturday, November 9, 09:47:06 AM

The thought-provoking theme in this movie would be how very influential is public opinion. Facts and truth are so often just laid aside. 😟

Friday, November 8, 09:15:15 PM

How would someone say they did not know which character was Joseph Smith when he was clearly identified near the beginning! It was not a truly gripping movie and at times a bit slow-moving, however I have done my homework and it does seem to be factual. What a contrast to modern prison life!

Saturday, October 26, 06:21:03 PM

Boring,terrible movie

Wednesday, September 18, 12:06:09 PM

We had a hard time telling which one was Joseph Smith - he didn't look or act at all like the prophet would have! The jailer would have been a better Joseph Smith. And Porter Rockwell was kind of wimpy - no fire in him at all! It was hard to follow who was who. The speaking parts were lame. We were disappointed.