Monday, September 2, 12:57:31 AM

I was confused why this was a movie and not just 3 episodes of a TV show or one long drawn out commercial for toys.

Monday, September 2, 12:33:02 AM

It’s sort of a mishmash of a lot of other Paw Patrol movies in one, throwing in the pups and Mayors Goodway and Humindinger, plus Chicoletta and the kitten catastrophe crew, Mandy the monkey, Everest and the penguins etc in a big road race, and then when that’s over, you get two additional paw patrol episodes added on. My kids liked it, but man, it’s getting old seeing the same characters, the same plot lines, the same jokes and catchphrases year after year.

Thursday, August 8, 08:58:32 AM

TWO WORD..........PAW PATROL!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 08:38:14 AM

T W O T H U M B S U P ! ! ! ! # R U B B L E ! ! ! !

Wednesday, August 7, 06:18:01 PM

Amazing, siike; would rather watch grass grow/ literally anything else

Monday, August 5, 12:02:43 PM

C O O L # Z U M A ! ! ! ! !

Monday, August 5, 10:31:35 AM

H I G H L Y R E C O M M E N D E D ! ! ! ! !

Saturday, August 3, 01:40:52 PM


Friday, August 2, 02:00:43 PM


Sunday, July 21, 12:52:19 PM

I’m Excited to See the New Paw Patrol Movie in America