Saturday, May 25, 11:28:53 AM

I love this so much! except it cut into my help me kind of likeness

Tuesday, May 21, 08:00:47 PM

The soundtrack of this movie was well done and as a fan of Pokemon games, this movie is very entertaining.

Monday, May 20, 06:28:28 PM

It was cool and awesome to see all the Pokemon really come to life.

Monday, May 20, 12:14:42 PM

Would not recommend for young children

Monday, May 20, 11:46:23 AM


Saturday, May 18, 07:31:53 PM

They did a fantastic job on this movie and AWESOME!!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 04:02:52 PM

It was exciting!!!! It kept me on the edge of my seat!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 02:02:14 PM


Saturday, May 18, 09:42:17 AM


Friday, May 17, 09:03:45 PM

Great time and a lot of fun!! I give it the full Pika-Pika!!

Friday, May 17, 06:08:03 PM

I had a good time watching this movie and TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

Friday, May 17, 05:34:00 PM


Friday, May 17, 05:32:21 PM


Friday, May 17, 03:59:27 PM


Friday, May 17, 01:35:44 PM

The movie is great and does a great job capturing the world of pokemon. Even if you aren't a fan, you'll still love the movie and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Thursday, May 16, 09:05:06 PM

My childhood Pokémon series come to life.

Thursday, May 16, 11:50:56 AM


Thursday, May 16, 11:43:06 AM

I love the show and it bring back memory of my childhood and TWO THUMBS UP !!!!!

Monday, May 13, 05:13:39 PM

Amazing movie reminded me of my childhood

Sunday, May 12, 07:19:29 PM

Great movie and loved it :) seen it so far 2 times

Saturday, May 11, 10:40:39 PM

Enjoyable! Loved the ending! Pokémon fan growing up

Saturday, May 11, 06:51:08 PM

This movie was boring don’t waste your time and money

Saturday, May 11, 11:02:43 AM

Loved this movie.....Ryan Reynolds did a great job as Pikachu and I AM A BIG FAN OF POKÉMON

Thursday, May 9, 11:14:14 PM

Loved this movie !!