Thursday, January 17, 04:54:26 PM

Awesome, we enjoyed it being sci-fi fans it was very entertaining.

Thursday, January 17, 04:53:48 PM

I liked this movie, good sci-fi fantasy. It had all the elements plus some surprises. Keanu Reeves is good at this genre.

Wednesday, January 16, 11:27:31 PM

Pretty out there movie but you gotta love Keanu Reaves. If this is the future, it’s kind of scary but still a cool story and good cast.

Saturday, January 12, 04:59:32 PM

Not great - kept waiting for something memorable to happen or something to get my heart pumping - just didn't happen.

Thursday, January 10, 09:38:52 PM

ok movie but nothing new and not keanu reeves best movie.