Friday, May 18, 07:10:30 PM

If i could rate this film 0 stars, I would! This is the most pathetic adaptation of Shakespere's Romeo and Juliet ever. Whoever directed this butchered, absolutely butchered Shakespear's play! First, the old english script does not fit with the "Modern Verona." Secondly, they say, "Draw your sword!"- but they have guns! Juliet's mother looks like a man, the acting is terrible, just everything is totally unrealistic. I could go on and on, but, I shouldn't. If you want to see the closest, and best, in my opinion, adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, watch the 1968 version with Olivia Hussy. Now that is a gem, not this modern trash. Save your money, and don't buy or watch this recent adaptation of

Thursday, January 25, 12:36:21 PM

It`s weird! Like really weird! It`s set in today`s time... but they talk the way that they do in the book... the old way. That makes it kind of cool, but awkward at the same time. Overall it`s a good movie though.

Sunday, April 3, 07:21:18 PM


Friday, May 7, 10:23:18 PM

Oh my God! This was the best movie I have ever seen! Leonado Di Caprio put on his best performance and claire dannes matched it! The most tragic love story of time was definitly portaited the best in this movie!!!