Wednesday, August 22, 10:11:34 AM

Enjoyed it with my family ...a good lesson and beautiful cinematography!

Saturday, August 18, 04:20:24 PM

It's magical and fits into a niche of life that otherwise we would never have known.

Saturday, August 18, 02:58:18 PM

This is a very good movie. It had great acting and beautiful scenery and a good message. I felt it would have been better if the characters were more developed but with such good actors, you can overlook this. Ryan Potter as Jo was excellent. You can't help but love him. Matt Dillion was great too. I would like to go watch it again because I loved the last part of this movie.

Monday, July 30, 02:04:21 AM

i liked everything about this film... felt like i was back in plantation time Hawai?i so green & lush

Tuesday, July 24, 08:12:04 PM

Loved this movie - both the 1920s segregated Hawaii storyline of adoption of a hapa-Hau'oli boy and the sweet forbidden love story between the rejected-one and the rich man's daughter. Scenic views of Hawaii are heavenly. Lucky we live Hawaii!!

Monday, July 23, 07:15:02 PM

Very fascinating story. Well done and never boring. Want to encourage more made in Hawaii movies besides Hawaii 5-0.

Saturday, July 21, 08:37:50 PM

Awesome production depicting life in Hawaii during the Plantation Days. A must see, especially for those who grew up in the islands. Production company used over 800 locals from vendors to actors. They are even putting on a fundraisers for those displaced by the Kilauea eruption. It's a short run at Regal this week. Catch this movie now. You can watch others next week!

Saturday, July 21, 01:44:09 AM

Absolutely beautiful! Great history it has everything, love hate/bigotry trust distrust and more.