Monday, July 30, 02:04:21 AM

i liked everything about this film... felt like i was back in plantation time Hawai?i so green & lush

Tuesday, July 24, 08:12:04 PM

Loved this movie - both the 1920s segregated Hawaii storyline of adoption of a hapa-Hau'oli boy and the sweet forbidden love story between the rejected-one and the rich man's daughter. Scenic views of Hawaii are heavenly. Lucky we live Hawaii!!

Monday, July 23, 07:15:02 PM

Very fascinating story. Well done and never boring. Want to encourage more made in Hawaii movies besides Hawaii 5-0.

Saturday, July 21, 08:37:50 PM

Awesome production depicting life in Hawaii during the Plantation Days. A must see, especially for those who grew up in the islands. Production company used over 800 locals from vendors to actors. They are even putting on a fundraisers for those displaced by the Kilauea eruption. It's a short run at Regal this week. Catch this movie now. You can watch others next week!

Saturday, July 21, 01:44:09 AM

Absolutely beautiful! Great history it has everything, love hate/bigotry trust distrust and more.