Wednesday, May 24, 02:05:09 PM

Amy Schumer is deplorable. I will never watch her again IN ANYTHING!!!! Goldie Hawn's worst film. Three of us went and we all want our money back!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 03:20:24 PM

pretty bad

Tuesday, May 23, 01:52:34 PM

Really funny

Monday, May 22, 10:26:29 PM

Slap stick comedy

Saturday, May 20, 09:20:32 PM

Wrong stereotype people from foreigner countries. Probably who give 5 stars people who think everything that comes from Hollywood is real. Lol Like zombies are real.

Saturday, May 20, 08:25:04 PM

Yes very funny movie in today's world with all the stress and corruption and the killings going on. It's nice to sit down and laugh. That doesn't happen very often. And the ones that rate one or two stars have very closed minds and hearts. Very dangerous people. They must live in a tourist community. Fearful people out there.

Saturday, May 20, 07:33:10 PM

Derogatory language. Trash movie.

Saturday, May 20, 06:53:56 PM

Terrible movie!! What a waste of money! Do not see it

Saturday, May 20, 06:53:41 PM

Vulgur language. Some spots were entertaining and funny, other's were downright offensive. They overreached on this one. Goldie Hawn is much better than this. Letdown!

Saturday, May 20, 09:38:47 AM

Goldie Hawn was not good over acts everything. Way too much plastic surgery. Yuck

Saturday, May 20, 09:33:06 AM

Waste of time

Friday, May 19, 09:16:32 PM

Not the Goldie comeback fans have been waiting for.

Friday, May 19, 07:25:56 PM

I want my money back. Wasted of money.

Friday, May 19, 07:21:08 PM

My wife wanted to see this move simply because she thought that playing in a movie with a legend of comedy like Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer may not be such a "GUTTER MOUTH" well, "surprise", she was wrong. Curse words galore spewed from Amy's mouth throughout the move and with the unnecessary flashing of her body was totally unnecessary. The movie line itself was good but the language just hit my "OFF" switch.

Friday, May 19, 02:50:26 PM

It was funny

Friday, May 19, 12:49:49 PM

Awful, awful, awful. Goldie needs to stay in retirement and Amy? Oh goodness NOT funny. WASTE of money. Don't bother.

Thursday, May 18, 11:46:15 PM

It was hilarious and for the most part, it kept me laughing.

Thursday, May 18, 08:55:03 PM

Awful, terrible movie! I wiII never get the almost 2 hours of my Life back and that sucks. I didn't even chuckle once! Do Not waste your money and, most importantly, your time! Watching this movie wiII only make you feel disappointed and angry!

Thursday, May 18, 01:35:44 PM

you need to be an Amy Schumer fan to injoy it by the sounds of it. I liked the movie for me, and the group I went with thought it was worth it.

Thursday, May 18, 10:45:48 AM

Ridiculous script with a few funny moments, but nothing insightful or new to say. Schumer has quickly gone from underrated to overrated.

Thursday, May 18, 10:34:42 AM

This movie made me laugh so hard that I cried. It was silly and fun.

Wednesday, May 17, 06:33:57 PM

Anybody who rated this abomination higher than 1 star is lying to you and is hoping you'll waste your time and $$$.

Wednesday, May 17, 04:39:31 PM

My husband and I enjoyed this movie, it made us laugh out loud throughout and you never knew what was going to happen next. Goldie Hawn and Amy Shumer were fabulous together, light and entertaining!

Tuesday, May 16, 04:11:08 PM

Stereotype people from others countries by two women. No brains.

Tuesday, May 16, 10:17:50 AM

It was not funny at all. Poor acting and unnecessary shot of Amy Schumer. Goldie Hawn must have been very desperate for money. And the sad part was they all got paid for this awful movie. Could not wait for it to be over.

Tuesday, May 16, 02:03:30 AM

Lighten up people! This movie was hilarious, audience was sold out and everyone laughed out loud throughout

Monday, May 15, 10:41:47 PM

Very Bad...Goldie has a balloon in her mouth

Monday, May 15, 10:17:22 PM

Have you ever described what it is like to have the flu? Well, there are probably a dozen different symptoms, and rating this poor sickness of a movie would use more then twelve. Bad acting, goofy et al; best if you just see the trailer and avoid this train wreck.

Monday, May 15, 07:33:16 PM

Disappointing. Wanda Sykes and Goldie Hawn held up their ends but Joan Cusack was the absolute best even in a small character role!

Monday, May 15, 02:52:26 PM

Always loved Goldie Hawn and a new fan of Amy Schumer. Together as Mother and Daughter their love touched me deeply as their bond defied the fear of dying in the Amazon. The scenery was Spectacular.

Monday, May 15, 02:12:31 PM

awful. walked out less than an hour in.

Monday, May 15, 12:28:09 AM

I really liked this movie....a little lacking in direction but on the whole my daughter and I got a lot of laughs!

Sunday, May 14, 11:04:35 PM

This movie kept me laughing and awake - was never bored.

Sunday, May 14, 07:44:51 PM

OMG this was a huge waste of money. I should have known better after finding out she was a joke thief as a comedian.

Sunday, May 14, 06:07:16 PM

Terrible! Enough said. Don't waste your money even if you think it might be will regret it.

Sunday, May 14, 04:07:53 PM

Can't believe I was roped into seeing this alleged "comedy". It was written by the same person who wrote the godawful Ghostbusters remake, so it's no surprise that this was terrible too. Avoid!

Sunday, May 14, 01:48:19 PM

Love Goldie I'm a huge fan going way back I just thought this was half hearted. I didn't feel any of the touching moments in the film the way I would most of Hawn's films. I thought Emily's Character kind of ruined it. Like she was trying to be funny with every sentence based on intonation and it made me embarrassed for her and my husband thought she was not one bit funny, he actually said he hated her laugh out loud

Sunday, May 14, 01:43:27 PM

Stop serving bad Schumer movies, PLEASE. Train Wreck was like 2.5 stars, so I thought I'd give it a go - NOT worth the $11, AT ALL. You've been warned.

Sunday, May 14, 12:22:14 PM

Not a good movie, at all. Tried to get my money back but the theater I was at (Landmark Cinemas in Kitchener - bleh) told me that I had been in the movie for too long. The guy I was with kept wanting to give it a chance, (guys are dumb) so we stayed for too long. I just want to warn people that you have to ask for a refund inside the half hour mark to be safe. Anyhow, I thought this movie would at least provide some laughs, but I was very disappointed, as it was not funny at all. And I usually LOVE dirty humour - I just don't get how they could mess this up so bad. Sorry for the rant, but I used to love Amy, and I'm feeling like her fans have been getting ZERO respect from her in the past couple years... I swear she wrote that Netflix Leather Special in 15 min and give or take 3 days to write that crap and score an easy mill. Why do we accept this, as fans? I'm going to write her a letter, I think.

Sunday, May 14, 11:30:27 AM

Officially the LAST movie or comedy special or anything of the sort that I will watch with Amy scammer. I'm tired and of the pumped up disappointments. Amy lost her mojo and tried to steal Goldie Hawn's in order to contend. Crap movie and moreover, really not very funny at all. Giggled like 2, maybe 3 times. Save your money folks - half star rating deserved but they won't let me :/