Friday, January 28, 04:30:53 AM

Surpassed my every expectation and they were sky high to begin with. 5 stars for this exciting and sexy thrill ride!

Friday, January 28, 04:28:33 AM

Superior actioner.

Wednesday, January 26, 11:19:35 PM

Ka-BOOM! The female Expendables arrives with the year's most stylish and alluring ensemble cast in the action movie event of the decade! Highly recommended!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 06:58:48 PM

A real rollercoaster of a ride from the first frame to the last. One of the year's best, no question about it.

Saturday, January 22, 01:48:54 PM

When a movie gets this many positive reviews but is a phenomenal box office flop, there is something wrong with the review system. No one is watching this movie. Why?

Thursday, January 20, 10:41:32 PM

For an action film this is too broad.

Wednesday, January 19, 03:54:19 PM

First film in the series is the best so far.

Tuesday, January 18, 07:21:45 PM

Great action and loved the kick ass ladies.

Monday, January 17, 03:51:48 AM

Bring some rags to throw at the screen.

Sunday, January 16, 04:31:49 PM

Things blow up real good! Another great action movie with women taking charge.

Saturday, January 15, 07:42:23 PM

They don't make this sort of movie anymore and they should.

Thursday, January 13, 11:41:43 PM

There's something about women who are feminine, demure, vulnerable, sexy, & then add, bad-ass, that's my kind of woman. A seriously action packed movie through-out. BETRAYALS, DOUBLE CROSSES, &, - how does this guy keep coming back!? I smell a sequel. Criticisms aside, enjoyed the unifying female heroes who come & save the world. Some very intense scenes.

Wednesday, January 12, 04:22:53 AM

I usually steer clear of dairy at the cinema, so I had no trouble enjoying this.

Tuesday, January 11, 10:08:42 PM

It is very unpredictable, and has a lot of action.

Tuesday, January 11, 09:01:52 PM

Very poorly made. Badly shot. Terribly edited. Often visually incoherent. Lame story. This wallows in chiches. Very unconvincing, even for an action movie. Scenes with small women besting men three times their size are laughable. Boring film destined for obscurity. Milk Carton cinema. Miss it.

Tuesday, January 11, 02:09:25 PM

A fun night out at the movies!

Tuesday, January 11, 09:02:59 AM

This movie was totally action packed! Loved the chase scenes! Looking forward to the sequel!

Tuesday, January 11, 06:29:27 AM

The action never lets up!

Tuesday, January 11, 06:28:37 AM

A fantastic adventure! Loved every second of it!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 12:09:50 AM

Best movie of the year by a km.

Monday, January 10, 03:40:55 PM

What a ride! *****

Sunday, January 9, 03:39:30 PM

This is what going back to the cinema is all about.

Sunday, January 9, 11:28:54 AM

finally an entertaining movie. did not understand backpack scene at cafe. the story was great and the ladies where awsome. a movie to own.

Sunday, January 9, 07:32:41 AM

Action movie of the year.

Sunday, January 9, 04:10:52 AM

In ten years or so we'll be asking ourselves why they don't make movies like this anymore.

Sunday, January 9, 04:07:25 AM

I love this movie and everything about it. If there's a sequel I'm first in line...

Saturday, January 8, 07:26:16 PM

Superior action.

Saturday, January 8, 05:47:36 PM

Great storyline and you simply can't take your eyes off Ms. Cruz!mui

Saturday, January 8, 02:18:38 PM

Makes up for the twin failures of Matrix and Ghostbusters.

Saturday, January 8, 02:16:00 PM

It's fast becoming my favorite movie of 2022.

Saturday, January 8, 02:10:12 PM


Saturday, January 8, 10:48:52 AM

Can we all just admit that the best action movies of today are female driven...?

Friday, January 7, 08:40:08 PM

Super fun and sexy!

Friday, January 7, 06:27:49 PM

There should definitely be a sequel.

Friday, January 7, 06:27:18 PM

We loved it.

Friday, January 7, 10:29:29 AM

There's a real ITALIAN JOB esthetic at work here.

Friday, January 7, 06:14:50 AM

Move over, Danny Ocean -- there's a new crew in town and they do their work in heels!!! Explosively entertaining!

Friday, January 7, 06:12:18 AM

The best action of any movie this year! These sexy ladies will leave you wanting more than you could ever imagine!

Friday, January 7, 03:30:57 AM

Interesting and exciting; a winner!

Wednesday, January 5, 04:46:47 PM

One of the year's ten best.