Tuesday, March 14, 11:33:00 PM

found it to be illogical.

Thursday, March 9, 10:53:28 AM

One of the worst, bottom of the barrel movies I have ever seen. Don't waste your time, gory, stupid, absolutely made no sense. Not certain I'll ever want to watch another Colin Farrel movie again if this is the type of crap he wants to be associated with.

Saturday, March 4, 02:17:03 AM

Time would be better spent gargling broken glass

Saturday, February 25, 12:59:28 PM

Absolutely awful, wish had never watched this abomination of a movie. How anyone can nominate it for Best Picture is beyond me.

Wednesday, February 8, 04:38:34 PM

Worst movie I have ever watched.....kept debating whether to just leave early.....wish I had left early. I kept thinking it would get better but I was wrong. I absolutely hated this movie.

Thursday, February 2, 11:05:42 PM

I hated it. Wished I'd never seen it. Guy flick... Worst kind.. ick. Loved Colin Ferrel and he acted well in it but the story is just awful.

Thursday, February 2, 07:09:00 PM

Set against the macro story of the Irish troubles, friends live the micro stories of their art, their frustrations, their optimism or lack of it, and the ways they survive or not. Brutal and poignant. Don’t miss it!

Tuesday, January 24, 02:24:02 PM

it is a slow burner type of movie, with great expectations... and then either you continue to expect and like that feeling for the entire movie... or you start getting bored, as nothing sensible or meaningful happens... kind of slice of life but too impossible to adhere to.... actors are fine yes, but nothing out of the extraordinary for these 2 guys... too linear... the finger thing kind of make no sense. the scenery is great yes, but eventually a cheap support to this weird story

Tuesday, January 10, 03:33:46 PM

Great scenery and great actors can't save a disturbing and unfunny story. Don't waste your time ... I did!

Thursday, December 29, 05:42:04 PM

Way too depressing of a movie. The funny parts are overshadowed by the overall heartbreak.

Tuesday, December 20, 04:20:04 PM

don't miss this

Thursday, December 8, 01:49:16 PM

I loved the hilarious way this projected peoples insecurities, intelligence and intentions. I must admit I felt a little sick after all the emotion. Definitely a movie that lets your mind go in as deep as you want to go. That’s why I go to the movies to be moved

Sunday, November 27, 07:40:40 PM

Breathtaking scenery. Yes, a bit gloomy, but that made the humour all the more surprising, welcoming and effective. My date and I laughed out loud quite a lot. We both loved it. The actors were excellent - all of them. Definitely a film worth seeing.

Sunday, November 27, 03:19:32 PM

Men are stupid, for anyone who missed the memo.

Friday, November 25, 09:58:43 AM

Like a fable about the dark side of human beings but told with humor and great acting. I loved this movie.

Friday, November 18, 11:41:11 AM

One always like happy endings but this is a great portrayal of the unique character of some Irish people

Thursday, November 17, 07:33:45 PM

Starts out as a charming period piece, then turns into a bloody, disturbing horror of a film. Not reccomended.

Thursday, November 17, 06:33:10 PM

The Emperor has no clothes, common sense, logic or sympathy for any characters except for the animals. Pretentious, deliberately depressive, a purposeless "arthouse", gore fest that left this viewer wanting a story that at least made sense. The Irish scenery deserved better too comparing a similar setting to Ryan's Daughter which gave us a riveting, emotional stirring drama from start to finish. Banshees is at best silly, worthless and at it's worst an example of the paucity of great small independent films in 2022. Even the Irish Coast, great leading men couldn't save it from itself.

Monday, November 14, 03:52:44 PM

Colin Farrell was outstanding as the Irish Simpleton. The movie is a parable for the Irish civil war but also explores the lack of depth in male friendships. It’s original and worth seeing.

Wednesday, November 9, 08:43:54 PM

A shocking portrayal of the reality of isolation and self absorption. Beautiful scenery, Great acting. Profoundly disturbing.

Tuesday, November 8, 09:52:43 PM

Hmmm….hard to rate this one. Excellent acting, some funny parts, but also dark and heartbreaking. I wouldn’t recommend it for a date night or a light night out, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching.

Sunday, November 6, 05:32:34 PM

I've never seen anything quite like this...powerful

Sunday, November 6, 01:07:13 PM

Great Story-Deep Layers -Soulful.

Friday, November 4, 09:09:18 PM

Love watching Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell together in another movie. Some dark and heartbreaking parts, but I also heard the voices of my family through some of the conversations, those made me laugh. I do love that country and the Irish people. Spectacular scenery.

Friday, November 4, 07:10:57 PM

takes me back to the old country A harsh time to live

Friday, November 4, 07:09:09 PM

friends are everything

Friday, November 4, 07:07:38 PM

take me back to simpler times

Friday, November 4, 07:06:37 PM

good story line

Friday, November 4, 07:05:56 PM

beautiful places

Friday, November 4, 03:30:23 PM

Emotional, dark, and smart. Lowest common denominator need not apply.

Thursday, November 3, 12:22:15 AM

Don’t even waste your time