Tuesday, September 12, 12:02:50 PM

That's the alternate title it's should've had. Second opinion, given the latest rambling on the latest movie media news. Batgirl had more of a Tim Burton's Batman universe atmosphere (compared to the Flash trash). I once visited "Hollywood" and approached on the street with a free ticket for a test screening of a Matt Damon film. They do this for audience reaction? Shoulda, coulda, woulda did this with the Batgirl (not just cancel) because the suits / execs decision to axe it. Shouldaaxed the Flash :(

Tuesday, September 12, 11:30:50 AM

I guess "The Flash" refers to the lead actor's perverted practices and dissolution. They really should've re-cast this.

Monday, September 4, 10:30:33 PM

The movie is cast base on another comics book. it does not satisfy my hunger, but I enjoy to see other batmans in the movie. It could be better.

Wednesday, July 19, 07:57:26 AM

absolute crap walked out 10 min. into it.

Wednesday, July 12, 02:07:59 PM

I like the movie, the twist, etc, funny moments are not forced, and it is good to have Keaton back as Batman. I mean even simple melodramatic moments in the film with Keaton are just a joy to watch. Deciding to let go and lose your mother "again" to restore and fix the timeline scene kinda got me a little bit emotional. The film has humour and it definitely has a heart. I really enjoyed watching it. I actually would want Ezra will come back and reprise as The Flash. Oh well, hopefully, WBs still would change their mind and give the guy to redeem himself.

Saturday, July 8, 08:09:36 AM

the actors and actresses. Cinematography awesome! I hope there will be part 2 of the Flash

Thursday, July 6, 04:11:57 PM

Opened some doors for future potential projects but that is another story. The movie had a great balance of humour and action with a hint of nostilga attached to it. The multiverse angle, jury is still out on that one to give them time to see what they do with it. If they choose to do nothing well it was a fine movie on its own but I am interested to see where this all heads, likely nowhere based on money made from this. I am and will watch this again as it was entertaining for sure. Batflick had some great bat toys as well. Was nice to see Keaton come back and revisit the character and I think they could have done more with him. Perhaps they have some ideas for future projects. Time will tell.

Saturday, July 1, 11:09:57 AM

Epic comic book movie, includes time travel, it’s very funny but also has heart, going back in time to prevent your mom from being killed, wanting to see her again, one last time, that’s great. I don’t know where all the hate comes from. Also Micheal Keaton as Batman again! Yes please! Loved this flick!

Saturday, July 1, 07:47:39 AM

Yeah. Here's another annoying disappointment. Comic book heroes have such promise but then they go and make chaos and confusion on the screen. It was so exciting to see Gal Godot for a minute. But again a minute is all she got. They'd better make another Wonder Woman movie before they have to call it Wonder Granny. Michael Keaton didn't even look like himself. We really didn't need to go down memory lane with the other characters. Just let it be about The Flash. But then actor selection for him and Supergirl didn't sit well either. The only person right for Supergirl these days is Melissa Benoist. The dark, depressed, mean-spirited, short-haired chick was annoying. And I can't say enough about the turn-off features of the Flash actor. It's hard to put a finger on it but something about his look was just frightening. Put the mask on him and leave it there. Yeah... This is long and I didn't even get to the story yet. Let's leave it at "don't bother. "The Flash" is disappointing.

Friday, June 30, 02:45:37 PM

A very well-done movie and not deserving of the poor sales. If DC management wouldn't have basically announced that they are rebooting everything (for who knows what reason) it would have done much better. Ignore the critics and see it - it will be worth it

Tuesday, June 27, 04:15:48 PM

Great movie. Seeing it again.

Tuesday, June 27, 03:15:36 PM

Terrible. The special effects sucks, and the lead actor is a pervert creep. Miss it.

Monday, June 26, 03:17:12 AM

This movie really exceeded expectations, it had sequel aspects and obviously tied into the larger DC universe but as the first it lives up to being THE iconic FLASH movie, it was an amazing FLASHPOINT movie too, being different but respectful to the comic. At parts the audience was shown on an molecular level how the powers actually work or that he [they?] actually runs really weird and everyone knows it. You have to have a sense of humor to watch this one, I found it funny without being over the top or cringy. The character's core story and origin were fundamental to the plot but it wasn't another cookie cut superhero film, it was about Barry wanting to be with his family, and didn't become a McGuffin festival or some outlandish worldwide threat [*cough cough* Transformers 1,2,3,4,5,7] all of the stakes were very personal but it wasn't anti-climactic [Spider-verse 2] it still felt like a complete story. It is obvious that the 1 and 2 star votes are trolls who have a set narrative in play and didn't actually see it. There were SEVERAL unexpected cameos, and if you found that boring or predictable you are lying or straight up didn't understand what was happening. When they gave homage to "superman lives" I both died of laughter and gave standing applause. There was nothing Ham-fisted, absolutely no woke-ness pushed, no political, environmental, racial or LGBTQ agenda at all, which is remarkable these days, it is refreshing to just sit down and watch a movie that is both unpredictable and can stay on target.

Sunday, June 25, 07:51:11 AM

The summer's best movie.

Saturday, June 24, 04:40:12 PM

Don’t waste your time and money

Friday, June 23, 06:26:49 PM

Was the worst movie I've ever sat through well I finally left a hour in

Friday, June 23, 12:04:23 PM

Over-hyped with the flashy trailers prior to big screen release, using some (not all) surprise character appearances. The movie attempts to please everyone everywhere (all at once). Saw it on streaming, not was going to, but not worth it on the big screen. Past negative drama of the main actor, you'd think the higher-ups would clue in, do the right thing? There's a lot of CGI here. Re-cut re-edit, reduce Flash's story. Up the story for the new Sasha's Supergirl, Michael Keaton's Batman, plus some of the other Batman's & villain's, cut the appearance of long-passed away cameos. Re-title the The Flash: in the pan. Re-release the new cut ready for Halloween, ready for cosplay costumes. Same can be done for that Cat's movie 3 years ago.

Thursday, June 22, 03:53:49 AM

It's not just the best Batman movie, it's also the best Flash movie.

Tuesday, June 20, 08:22:28 PM

I thought the special effects were great!

Tuesday, June 20, 05:22:46 PM

SURPRISING, not Only the Movie which was So Unlike the recent crop or Superhero Schlock coming from...'the Majors' lessay, but by the lukewarm reviews I feel were Quite Unwarranted, as I felt this was one of the Most Refreshing takes on the genre in recent Memory- not ONLY the writing and the Acting, which I quite Liked, but by the STORY, which was a lot meatier and Interesting than the NORM. And the FLASH was Always one of my Faves since childhood, so I'm glad they didn't totally ruin the Flash 'Magic' for me. Of course the 'modern' Flash did not really capture all of the old Flash's charm and ingenuity Either....but I'll overlook that. I liked his association with Batman, and how they managed to include many of the other actors and actresses that played somewhat iconic superheros of recent films, and going Waaay Back too! I for one thought they did a Good Job, and found it Well Worth the Admission!! Not the 'usual' superheor movie, had some imagination and twists. My one critique: Wish they had been more Faithful to the Original Flash regarding abilities, costume, quirks, and Character. Everything does NOT have to be seen thru a 2023-style lens and sensibility, or even take PLACE in so-called 'Modern Times' Remember Hollyweird: This WAS a Comic Book!! Keep the SOUL of a thing, once inna while! But for what it WAS, I still liked it. You can read between the lines. Oh BTW- KEATON was the Soul of BADASSERY!! LOVED HIM! Clooney, Reeves, et all showing up was Fun, but...ENUF w/the MULTIVERSERY BS please. I'd prefer aliens to That again. But that's ME. Sequel: Flash vs. the Little Mermaid and Mario tag team?

Monday, June 19, 10:40:09 PM

awesome movie very funny too

Monday, June 19, 07:32:45 PM

Annoying juvenile attempt at yet another trendy metaverse. Embarassing. This movie has completely burnt me on the whole DC/Marvel superhero genre that is flooding the cinema marketplace. Do not waste your money or your time.

Monday, June 19, 11:59:21 AM

Great action and superior special effects. Going in, I was a bit worried if I'd like this new Batman, but he was fine. Overall, a good night out at the movies.

Sunday, June 18, 11:10:29 PM

Pretty close to perfect, but why is Supergirl wearing a Spidey suit????

Sunday, June 18, 09:55:11 PM

The movie is nice but why have a LGBTQ lead actor as Flash? Is the movie industry running out of decent man to portray as Flash? It is annoying to hear a man sounds like a woman. There should be a boundary where LGBTQ should be and appropriate place where they should be showing who they are in private settings among their own kind. Nowadays their behavior is too vulgar. USA moral values, decency, personality, characters, way of life, liberalism, socialism is out of line and out-of-control. We do not want the world to think that USA culture, mindset are to spread LGBTQ to youngster.

Sunday, June 18, 09:38:52 PM

Movie was great. Lots of laughs, action and surprises with a good story. I thought the CGI was fine. Negative reviews are from negative people. Its a typical summer blockbuster that delivers just that.

Sunday, June 18, 09:10:52 PM

“The Flash” was a let down, CGI was terrible, corny special effects, they threw special effects up to see what would stick with the audience. First 20 minutes of the movie was laughable. When you saw the first 15 minutes of Raider of the Lost Ark, your were on the edge of your seat. The Flash, I was on edge of my seat looking for the exit

Sunday, June 18, 07:24:18 PM

Great Movie. CGI was off a little...but the director said it was intentional. Like a style of editing.

Sunday, June 18, 02:33:41 PM

The CGI was terrible. And casting a criminal pervert in the lead role was a very bad move. But Hollywood loves perversion.

Saturday, June 17, 01:27:22 PM

Ezra Miller's Harry Allen is going to be HUGE.

Saturday, June 17, 12:52:59 PM

what a horrible boring movie. So done with these type of movies

Friday, June 16, 04:10:09 PM

Didn't like it

Friday, June 16, 11:46:01 AM

From the trailers, it looked like a Batman movie with the Flash in it. IT truly was a Flash movie 100%. It was surprisingly great. Some surprises were leaked or revealed long ago, but there were a LOT of awesome surprises which I am shocked were kept under wraps and they paid off big time! Keaton was brutal and quick for an old grizzled Batman and totally kicked ass! I like how time travel was explained to simply that anyone could follow. As for Ezra, I tried to watch this based on acting merits and my love for the characters only, but I did read about Ezra's issues and even one woman and her young daughter who lived him him on his farm said he was kind and protected them from her abusive relationship she was in. There's a lot to the stories and I didn't want to judge. I'd watch it again.

Friday, June 16, 08:46:27 AM


Thursday, June 15, 09:01:50 PM

Having seen the early show, I can't think of another to describe this marvel fascination with multiverse, multi dimensional approach other than,it's a load of crap for unimaginative people both writing and watching. There is so much wrong here, I would need a tome to describe. I'm done with Marvel and they're garbage.

Friday, June 2, 04:53:20 PM

The Flash is one seriously sexy man!

Friday, June 17, 10:21:31 AM

Hahaha! Will this even be released now that its star has been exposed as a pervert??