Monday, October 22, 05:27:51 PM

this is a must see !! this is our society we live in!

Monday, October 22, 12:39:32 PM

It’s just so real because that is exactly what happens in our society now what’s to like or dislike what’s needed is prayer in the hearts of all Gods people

Sunday, October 21, 10:50:55 PM

Funny how white people get all bothered when the anti-racist violence is turned on racist violence--they only see the former and are blind to the daily (cops in this case) routine of the later? Wake up and smell the (black) coffee and join the fight against white (cream) racism so that all (whites included) may be free from de-humanization and the daily atrocity that is racism.

Sunday, October 21, 09:13:05 PM

I fell asleep. Definitely not worth all the hype

Saturday, October 20, 09:48:45 PM

Why should the police not fear for their lives when young people are not brought up to RESPECT police and others of authority. Where has all the respect gone.

Friday, October 19, 04:53:15 PM

This story is relevant, bold but yet compassionate! Its a must see for all generations who want to make a positive difference in our country & beyond.

Friday, October 19, 12:59:11 AM

Outstanding! Oscar worthy performances. If society does not treat all of its citizens with respect, the consequences and repercussions will not be positive. No one should lose their life over a minor traffic infraction

Friday, October 19, 12:49:38 AM

This movie is prolific. It makes a resounding statement that all young people should get. The taking of innocent lives of young black males by policemen must stop. How sad that African American families must have “The Talk”, with their kids about appropriate behavior WHEN them are stopped by law enforcement , not IF. Code switching should not be a part of an adolescents school environment. Cultural appropriation by privileged students shows the current climate of hate in this country towards minirities. I vowed this movie twice. It showed strong familial alliances and respect for each other. The father figure was crucial to the values of the kids. Well acted and so relevant.

Thursday, October 18, 11:06:45 PM

Its not teaching hate. Its the opposite. Its important to recognize that this movie is a reflection of a certain reality and I think it does a good job of revealing multiple perspectives and howing how people can make connections with eachother... find ways to understand eachother and move past their prejudice and biases. past a superficial understanding to a deeper one.

Thursday, October 18, 09:51:14 PM

This movie is just teaching young black people how to HATE white people. Stop the killing .... Stop the hatred .... Watching what's happening to our young people is so sad. Is there any future for them. I used to think there was because I grew up in Canada in the 70s and 80s where there really wasn't any difference between. We all loved each other. Bring back some love and normalcy. It's right in front of us all.

Thursday, October 18, 09:45:45 PM

This topic is getting rather boring. Why would ANY young person pull a BRUSH out of their pocket while being stopped by the police. Was he provoking the cop ... Or just trying to make a FUNNY out of the situation

Thursday, October 18, 01:48:51 PM

That's it? Another movie to promote Hate???

Wednesday, October 17, 12:13:43 PM

Honest Review: Now this is a really good movie... pacing is good. The Hate "We" Give is a good message (though subtle). I wouldn't mind watching this again.

Wednesday, October 17, 01:17:25 AM

Great acting..Great Cast..Everyone played an excellent role.

Monday, October 8, 07:44:57 PM

This movies gves a true insight form all points of view. The victim, the community, the family the witness and the police,,EXCELLENT MOvie