Sunday, May 22, 02:45:04 PM

tatum and bullock are as expected, sweet not allot of depth but an enjoyable light flic to chill an afternoon and a bucket of popcorn.

Friday, May 20, 04:14:21 PM

Stars shine

Monday, May 16, 01:25:30 PM

This was a fun, comedy flick. It has three of the most entertaining actors in Hollywood and has lots of laughs. Fun way to spend 2 hours.

Sunday, May 15, 01:05:54 AM

Long time since i had a good laugh at the movies! Good fun!

Friday, May 13, 04:26:20 PM

Easy to watch and very funny. Sandra Bullock Is a wonderful actress.

Friday, May 13, 04:05:29 PM

Action and comedic

Thursday, May 12, 03:09:09 PM

With this cast it should have been a lot better. Just not a funny movie. I was bored.

Saturday, April 30, 06:36:52 PM

Dialogue, plot….everything. Maybe 2 funny lines. Big waste of time and money.

Thursday, April 28, 03:51:06 PM


Sunday, April 24, 08:30:52 PM

Now I know why Sandra Bullock would just rather stay home. What a stinker. I didn't even ask for a refund when I walked out about mid-movie. It is ridiculous, sophomoric, with a stupid plot and poor writing. The action scenes are choreographed in a way to be totally unbelievable. Oh, did I mention, I hated it.

Friday, April 22, 06:55:40 PM

Great cast, not too heavy. Just right for an enjoyable evening out.

Monday, April 18, 03:21:45 PM

It was funny!

Sunday, April 17, 08:31:39 PM

Life is too serious these days! loved to laugh even if it may be some silly humor to others, we loved the show!

Saturday, April 16, 12:55:42 PM

Just fun "get-a-way" entertainment.

Friday, April 15, 10:45:13 PM

This movie was horrible, one of the most trash movies I’ve seen in almost my whole life wasted my 42 dollars, never watching this movie again. Bad dialogue doesn’t make sense, it was all scattered around and made absolutely no sense. The only good part in this whole movie was Brad Pitt.

Friday, April 15, 10:39:35 PM

This movie was extremely boring, and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever, it was all just scattered around and different things. I just didn’t understand it, but I guess it’s still good.

Friday, April 15, 03:41:07 PM

The Lost Movie............what a stinker.

Tuesday, April 12, 03:04:12 PM

I laughed out loud at least 2 times maybe three. It was unpredictable and a great stress reliever. I would absolutely watch it again!

Monday, April 11, 05:12:55 PM

Sometimes you need a show that isn't pretentious, to just sit and enjoy the slapstick. This is it! Bumbling hero, courageous heroine, evil antagonist, and amazing action. Brad Pitt is at his finest too.

Wednesday, April 6, 06:27:12 PM

A lot of idiotic or bantering dialogue.Too many times the movie was one bad scene to another bad scene. Tatum was idiotic. Bullock was far too predictable and also annoying. The only bright spot was Brad Pitt. I wish he was in the movie a lot longer than he was.

Wednesday, April 6, 12:52:15 PM

Loved these two actors together?? Lots of laughs

Wednesday, April 6, 03:43:46 AM

3 funny scenes in the whole movie and that's only thanks to the director. Literally silent moments with no dialougue but the funniest moments in the whole film.

Wednesday, April 6, 03:42:29 AM

Terrible Terrible terrible writing

Tuesday, April 5, 05:47:36 PM

Very mediocre with the cast they had it should have been a lot better

Monday, April 4, 07:06:59 PM

This was a great movie and certainly not terrible. It was also good for a few laughs.

Saturday, April 2, 11:37:05 PM

Not a great movie but not terrible either . Good for a few laughs .

Saturday, April 2, 05:07:16 PM

Brad Pitt was good. He was the best part of the movie.

Saturday, April 2, 05:04:47 PM

It was stupid.

Saturday, April 2, 10:33:01 AM

I've lost track of how many times I've seen this. All I know is I'll be seeing it again.

Friday, April 1, 04:51:46 PM

Is an OK silly movie with romance. A one time flick to watch. Doubt many people would watch it a second time.

Friday, April 1, 11:36:10 AM

Was expecting more, good Cast but... J

Friday, April 1, 08:35:16 AM

Good clean fun! Reminded me quite a lot of Jewel of the Nile.

Friday, April 1, 02:36:16 AM

This is the kind of movie where if you like "bantering" dialogue and at times very labored then you will like it. Sandra Bullock seems bored and the only bright spot - the cameo of Brad Pitt. Wish he had stayed in it.

Thursday, March 31, 05:21:24 PM

A new action classic!

Thursday, March 31, 01:13:32 PM

I fell a sleep at the start of the movie and the only bad thing about that is i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. One of the worst movies i have ever seen.

Thursday, March 31, 12:18:42 AM

This is not a great movie. Even though I am a fan of hers she seems lost ( pardon the pun) and just going through the motions. The short time that Brad Pitt makes his appearance really makes a difference. Too bad this was not his pic.

Wednesday, March 30, 09:53:24 AM

Funny but silly at times. Loved Sandra Bullock, not her best film. Just a cute film.

Tuesday, March 29, 09:32:16 PM

For the most part, the writing is weak. There are a few funny lines ....

Tuesday, March 29, 08:26:36 PM

The best movie of the year -- fun for everyone!

Monday, March 28, 12:46:10 PM

best comedy ever, the NEW Hangover