Friday, May 20, 04:08:33 PM

Nick cage...great

Friday, May 13, 05:33:09 PM

There is NO plot here except for a very bad story line. We walked out.

Sunday, May 1, 07:40:03 PM

Disappointed in plot!

Sunday, May 1, 03:42:33 PM

A comedy, loaded with laughs and action.

Saturday, April 30, 05:45:35 PM

A solid film, multifacted with something for just about everyone. Very meta though, so if you can't put up with layers that essentially amount to breaking the 4th & even 5th wall, I wouldn't recommend it. Felt like it was based on genuine details of Cage's life. A comedy overall, with intrigue, action, family moments, & a bit of romance. The scenery, semi-groundedness of characters, & soundtrack were all conducive to the experience as well. Didn't have a dog in it though.

Saturday, April 30, 03:06:26 AM

It is a good movie if you can get through the first third without walking out. Slow and plodding. At first its seems to be about a neurotic Nicolas Cage and his family problems. As the plot thickens it picks your interest till you become fully engaged and want to see just how this ends. I stuck it out and am glad I did, but it is NO five star pic. That is for people who do not know what a first rate exceptional movie is.

Friday, April 29, 09:53:25 AM

Enjoyed Cage having fun with Cage.

Wednesday, April 27, 01:37:17 PM

Funny, engaging, goofy, and entertaining. Definitely derivative of other genre movies, but then it SEEKS that definition, while still being totally original and fresh! Funny as hell, well-done and many levels, as well. Nick's in his element and it shows. The supporting cast make use of the genre and tropes which define the movie as it takes you through familiar twists and turns. The use of Nick's natural neurotic tendencies plays out beautifully as we go on the journey with him and a great supporting cast as they ALMOST lose the 4th wall in this engaging romp. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 27, 01:16:04 AM

I'm not sure why they leave off the "Headline". It's part of the review! I wrote I'm not a Nicholas Cage fan and "...

Wednesday, April 27, 01:13:02 AM

I don't even know his other movies, but I enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining, funny, and had a good family message. I enjoy Tiffany Haddish.

Monday, April 25, 09:40:19 AM

this was a stupid movie and wouldn't qualify to b in the redbox. almost walked out twice. love nicholas cage but this was garbage. u will b upset if u spend money on this at a theatre.

Monday, April 25, 07:53:22 AM

I'm a big Nicholas Cage fan so I loved this movie! Very different and good entertainment! You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, April 6, 10:45:43 AM

The real Nicolas Cage is nothing less than a screen legend. "The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent" builds upon that renowned work, while turning it upside-down, inside-out, and every which way. But why imagine an alternative existence for this Hollywood legend? The fictionalized version of Nick Cage is unbelievably talented and can do any genre. Nick has become something that transcends being an actor. He’s become a cultural figure. As culture gets stranger and stranger and fashion choices get more outlandish, you can trace like a direct line back to the patron saint of strangeness, Nicolas Cage. Just seeing his face makes people happy. That’s really interesting and makes him want to dig in further and find out who he actually is. It's a fantasy film culled from perceptions in the media and on the internet, as well as blips in my personal life that have gone public. It’s mixed with knowledge of interviews and things that have always interested us and draws us down this path. Essentially, the film is an imagination based on an interpretation of what Nicholas Cage life might be like. It's a a neurotic, high-anxiety version of Nick Cage. "The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent" is a sincere and hilarious love letter to Nicolas Cage, as you know and love him or not. The film shars a love of everything from "The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari" to "Paddington 2". It's a real head trip. (2,5) Written by Gregory Mann