Thursday, August 31, 04:22:25 PM

Great actors, great acting. Two hours was too long to tell something that could take 10 mins. But accurate. If you're a fat gay man trying to kill yourself, you def won't end up where this guy does. Didn't mind the shot at Mormonism either, as it's a fake religion.

Sunday, March 19, 12:08:29 PM

Truth! It’s funny how easily it is to judge overweight people. They are that way mostly because of trauma usually sexual abuse. So back off!

Saturday, February 25, 09:35:15 PM

I just can't work up any empathy for characters who are the authors of their own miseries. Just get on a treadmill or something you tub of lard!

Monday, February 13, 07:48:14 PM

This is one of the best performance's I have seen in a long time. There was not one scripted word that did not move this amazing story of pain, love, and redemption, forward. The tears I shed were not in sadness, but loving joy and triumph. If you're looking for an amazing movie that is not the "typical" storyline, take a seat, but don't forget the Kleenex.

Sunday, February 5, 02:45:57 PM

Brendan Fraser was fantastic in the lead role. The movie takes place almost entirely inside his apartment. Someone took great care to make sure it felt dark, dingy, and somewhat unkempt, which lent authenticity to the scenario involving a man who suffered near immobility due to his obesity. In the end, the real subject of the movie is intertwined relationships.

Friday, February 3, 07:52:17 PM

Love a movie that moves me.

Tuesday, January 31, 05:50:27 PM

Remarkable acting by Brendan Fraser (whoda thunk!) and he rips your heart out while you try to hang on to your disgust.

Tuesday, January 31, 02:44:47 PM

Brendan Fraser was outstanding and deserves Best Actor Oscar. The very beginning of the movie is a bit shocking but probably very realistic given the character's circumstances. The supporting cast was also very convincing in their roles- a lot of different emotions in this movie and well-deserving of the six minute standing ovation received at Cannes Film Festival. You won't be disappointed!

Friday, January 27, 07:59:26 PM

This is an incredible film if you can get past your own judgements. It is not a film about obesity. If you are a deep thinker and empathetic you need to watch this for the performance and the story.

Tuesday, January 24, 07:22:50 PM

Excellent and strong acting. Story conveys a message that everyone has feelings. Pros and cons about religion and we have no right to judge. Walk in my shoes for a better understanding. This film is on the dark dark side of life.

Sunday, January 22, 12:07:01 AM

It tries to make you sympathize with fat people.

Tuesday, January 17, 10:43:57 AM

A film about family disfunction, addictions, love and redemption. A serious film with great acting.

Thursday, January 12, 02:42:06 PM

A must see movie. Maybe people will become a little more compassionate and think outside themselves. There are a lot of struggling people out there. Please show them some love.

Thursday, January 12, 02:39:28 PM

Performances by all were excellent. Brendan Fraser deserves the Oscar for his performance. He’s been overlooked for too too long

Monday, January 2, 08:05:37 AM

Story very dark

Thursday, December 29, 12:39:12 PM

I generally like Aronofsky movies but this one is super mean. He always goes with bizarre kinda artsy themes with his own views on religion spiced in. There is always a grotesque sex scene (ie Jennifer Connolly in Requiem for a dream on the table with another prostitute). There is a really nasty scene to start the movie on a “shock/disturb “ you level. It’s gross but I understand he is showing you the life of Protagonist. It’s hard to like any of the characters save the woman who medically checks on the whale. Otherwise, they are dim and sad character arcs. I respect the effort but it’s more a disturbing inside view of despair than an uplifting movie. That said, I would watch it way before any comic book movie/talking dog or cat movie/ or much of the brain dead Hollywood productions that get made. This is a movie for adults. Again the Aronofsky sex scene is nasty. I will leave it at that.

Thursday, December 8, 10:49:23 AM

"The Whale" offers a lot of darkness. It’s a soaring character study of a man wrestling with the enormity of his regret, the duty of fatherhood, and the feasibility of goodness itself. It's a story about transformation and transcendence, one man’s odyssey into himself and out of his body, a journey through the depths of grief towards the possibility of salvation. The film is based on the play by Samuel D. Hunter. Any concern about the possible insensitivity of the title is quickly dispelled as well, once it's understand that Moby-Dick factored prominently into the show, both literally and thematically. Charlie and Ahab are not so unlike, underneath it all, both men caught up in the pursuit of a dream, intoxicated with the could-have-been, obsessed with the fantasy of another future. In some ways, "The Whale" is a hunt, a search to grasp the slippery nature of compassion, why we need it and why we push it away, when we can give it and when we can’t. But the audience also experience the thrill of it blooming in the course of the story’s construction. In the midst of re-examining trust and it's boundaries. And while there are many causes of obesity, a multifactorial disease affecting over 40% of Americans, the film drews a direct link in this case between excess weight and unaddressed feelings. Myths about obesity abound. Despite being an extremely common disease, it’s also highly individual in it's make-up, with aspects of genetic, metabolic, environmental, and psychological dimensions all contributing to the way it affects a person. Three million people are diagnosed with obesity every year, and yet the stigma against it remains rampant. This is reflected in the lack of honest representation of people with obesity in film and TV, and even more so when it comes to leading characters. Written by Gregory Mann

Thursday, October 13, 12:47:44 PM

can't wait.