Thursday, October 18, 04:40:34 PM

Finally a grown up movie, no violence, slashing, blood or gore, just people, relationships and acting. There was excessive language, which was 't necessary, all in all, good drama.

Wednesday, October 10, 06:10:18 PM

Very good movie with an all too common theme of women making moves while pushing men forward for all the acknowledgment of said moves.

Tuesday, October 9, 12:27:25 PM

The Wife is an excellent story about a wife who" was a silent kingmaker". The story started in the 50's when her disorganized college professor husband needed her badly. Unfortunately, some issues still ring true in these modern times. Glen Close is superb!

Friday, October 5, 01:02:38 PM

The story was riveting.

Thursday, October 4, 07:33:02 PM

I really enjoyed this film. Such a treat to watch good acting. Glenn Close deserves an Oscar nomination.

Tuesday, October 2, 06:21:10 PM

This was an excellent drama with superior acting by Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce. It is not a film for people with limited attention spans or the uneducated. It is a great depiction of how some women will forego their careers for less talented husbands. It is well worth seeing. Glenn Close deserves an Oscar nomination for her performance. I do recommend this film!

Sunday, September 30, 05:45:24 PM

well written and acted, but slow and predictable

Tuesday, September 25, 05:27:54 PM

So slow; okay acting. I left early and watched the guys outside painting the movie theater.

Sunday, September 23, 01:17:37 PM

Not sure what all the buzz was about for this movie after seeing it. Unrealistic premise, simplistic boring story, and overall melancholy tone. Shy wife lives and works with this guy all those years then suddenly one evening hates it, resents it all, and wants out? The "kids" seem miscast as way too young for the main couple. 2 stars for competent acting.

Wednesday, September 19, 12:20:21 PM

Very good movie with similar situation as the wife in "Big Eyes." I've never seen Glenn Close in a bad film.

Monday, September 17, 04:33:12 PM

excellent acting by all, especially Glen Close; very profound story with an interesting twist at the end.

Thursday, September 13, 08:01:26 AM

Great acting and great story minus all the violence seen today