Tuesday, September 20, 08:41:33 AM

One of a kind production. I love this movie so much.

Tuesday, September 20, 08:40:17 AM

Best movie of all time!

Tuesday, September 20, 08:36:48 AM

Oscar winning cinematography

Monday, September 19, 01:48:44 PM

Everything from beginning to end!

Monday, September 19, 09:00:21 AM

Somebody goofed -- a woman is a queen, not a king. It's a decent movie, though. Probably would have upped my rating if I could have streamed it instead of being forced to see it in a movie theater.

Monday, September 19, 08:55:02 AM

Acting was superb .

Sunday, September 18, 09:58:08 PM

Outstanding motion picture. Best blockbuster movie to come along in years.

Sunday, September 18, 09:43:30 PM

The movie was very good. The negative comment come from racists and weak people that are pretty much controlled and told what to do. I can tell you that these negative comments are similar to other comments on different movie sites. White folks that fall prey to propaganda because they feel the need to complain. These folks had family issues growing up.

Sunday, September 18, 08:37:47 PM

Riveting, empowering, different and well acted! A must see

Sunday, September 18, 03:30:19 PM

Do your home work if you want to comment. This movie is more than bout slavery. I found it to be a good movie.

Sunday, September 18, 03:27:22 PM

Well done, don’t allow the negative feed back on it. It was well written and the actors / actress’s were superb

Sunday, September 18, 03:23:22 PM

Excellent, well done from start to finish.

Sunday, September 18, 10:31:46 AM

This is the most vile piece of propaganda I have ever seen. It tries to turn some of the most evil people who ever lived into heroes. The people who made it must be full blown racists in order to glorify a slave based empire. I am glad that a friend bought our tickets. i would have wanted a refund.

Sunday, September 18, 09:21:25 AM

Propagandistic crap which tries to sell the evil Dahomey kingdom based on slavery (long before the whites came to Africa) as some empowering movie for black people. The irony is some of the actors in this movie are most likely grand-grandkids of Africans enslaved and sold by the Dahomey. Dahomey used female warriors because they lost too many of their male ones in constant wars and raids against the other tribes. Not because they cared about equality.

Saturday, September 17, 06:51:10 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. Great fight scenes. Acting was good.

Saturday, September 17, 05:50:31 PM

Viola is a good actress but the movie is a leftist hollywood woke nightmare of lies. Thought the action was good - Now if it had just been based on the facts - but it was a racist nightmare of liberalism and feminist hogwash

Saturday, September 17, 05:15:06 PM

Contrary to the negative feedback based on limited knowledge of these people, this story is not about the Dahomey (modern-day Benin) people, it's about a female army who led the resistance against colonizers. It is not meant to be an "answer" to "The Black Panther." The "Black Panther" is make-believe; in fact, the fictional Dora Malaje of the Black Panther movie was inspired by the real life Agojie depicted in "Woman King." For those who insist upon holding the Dahomey's involvement in the slave trade as the reason that this movie should not be supported, be reminded that it can never be compared to the systematic and deliberately dehumanizing brutal brand of chattel slavery which economically enriched this and other countries for centuries. Lastly, do not be baited into supporting one or the other African American producers. Support them all. We are not a dichotomy (all one thing or the other). Go see the movie with an open mind. Ms. Viola Davis and all of her co-stars give stellar performances. Five stars, indeed.

Saturday, September 17, 03:46:59 PM

Viola Davis is wonderfully fierce and bad-ass in every scene !!! She is beautiful. Africa is beautiful. This is history as we have never seen it before. It made me feel proud to be a Black woman. I cried.

Saturday, September 17, 03:07:43 PM

Glorifies slave traders and murderers. Read up on the real history of these people.

Saturday, September 17, 01:54:42 PM

This was disappointing to say the least - Went in with open mind - came out just laughing at how woke/racist/hateful they made this movie. Don't be fooled - it's just not all they say it is. See something else

Friday, September 16, 08:47:43 PM

Loved every second. Never a dull moment. Beautiful, colorful outfits/garments. Every adult who appreciates every color of skin and the evolution thereof should watch. Thoroughly entertaining and educational. The months of strength training actors endured/were subjected to is overwhelming. Their display of physical strength was extraordinarily exceptional. A MUST SEE and worth owning a copy for home entertaining.

Friday, September 16, 07:18:23 PM

Dishonest film pushing dangerous narratives. And it's lame. Go see something else. Wanna support something African American ? Then support something good like NOPE by Jordan Peele. Not this garbage.

Friday, September 16, 07:15:33 PM

Generic attempt at cashing in on Wakanda fever

Friday, September 16, 07:05:44 PM

Disgusting propagandistic piece of crap glorifying a kingdom built on raids and slavery. When confronted with the French (who wanted to end the slave trade but Dahomey didn´t) they lost 500 warriors while the French lost only 6 soldiers. XD

Friday, September 16, 05:12:54 PM


Friday, September 16, 12:19:49 PM

Must watch, Take the entire family. :) Truly enjoyed it. Very empowering!

Friday, September 16, 12:13:27 PM

It's about time we are Acknowledging the history of women warriors, this movie captures it all! Superb Acting

Friday, September 16, 11:13:57 AM

I love the camera angles, I love the historical references, I love the screen play, I love the female empowerment on display, when I watched all the credits I love the fact that I saw a ton of African names involved in the making of the movie This is a movie that I will see multiple times with my family and friends Fabulous job to all who were involved!!

Thursday, September 15, 10:21:48 AM

The appeal of a cast of strong smart women

Thursday, September 15, 12:39:22 AM


Tuesday, September 13, 06:21:27 PM