Saturday, February 4, 11:25:27 PM

Fell asleep. Weak script shows how weak the actors really are. Avoid.

Saturday, January 7, 08:33:36 PM

No storyline whatsoever. The only entertainment came from laughing at how bad it was.

Saturday, December 10, 03:15:26 AM

This is such a feel good movie. It's really super cute and has some hilarious scenes. My only objection is that it had a pretty nasty word in it which I personally felt was not necessary. But the acting by Julia Roberts and George Clooney was some of their best work ever! We enjoyed it so much we went to see it twice.

Thursday, December 1, 10:49:20 PM

Beautiful scenery, good example of how we let stupid things in life ruin a relationship when you really love the person. The best takeaway from the show was the line ‘why save the best for last’…do it today instead

Tuesday, November 29, 08:31:04 AM

Fun, Fun, Fun don't miss this one!

Sunday, November 27, 03:18:42 PM

Predictable and kinda lame but overall feel-good and with little obvious political agenda, I’ll take it.

Saturday, November 26, 01:47:37 PM

They should've cast likable people instead.

Friday, November 25, 12:35:35 PM


Thursday, November 24, 07:24:25 PM

The Ticket to Paradise (movie) was very funny, touching, sensitive, acrimonious, beautifully photographed, professionally acted, and written as a script for nuance and reconciliation. The 'Twist of Lime' character, who keeps proposing marriage to divorced Julia Roberts character, is bit by a snake, head-butts Julia when she turns him down, and almost steals the show from our two major actors, Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Thursday, November 24, 12:06:53 PM

Funny and entertaining both Julia and George delivered it in those great dancing scenes! I really enjoyed this movie.

Monday, November 21, 05:58:41 PM

The more I think of this movie, after having seen it, I was astounded that these two actors would do this since it has such a bland and predictable script. Old gags and, as far as I am concerned, only the airline pilot was at least funny, pathetic, but funny. Julia Roberts plays her usual annoying self and even George cannot make the quick quips work most of the time. The popcorn was OK so I stayed till the end. I honestly cannot see anyone giving this five stars. That is like putting it up there with Citizen Kane and Private Ryan.

Monday, November 21, 09:37:46 AM

Refreshing! Funny, light, laugh out loud fun and uplifting. No bad language all bout Family. Roberts and Clooney work well together.

Sunday, November 20, 09:18:49 PM

soooooo good

Friday, November 18, 05:19:18 PM

Beautiful scenery, shallow script, mediocre acting from supposedly 2 of Hollywood's "best". See it at home and save your money.

Thursday, November 17, 11:10:27 PM

So good to see these two back together acting again.

Tuesday, November 15, 12:07:12 PM

BORING with a capital B.

Monday, November 14, 05:09:08 PM

Nothing special, an average RomCom

Monday, November 14, 09:44:51 AM

Expected two Hollywood legends to make movie history. Watched two Hollywood legends tumble off their pedestals. Was hard to watch such a bad script and poor acting skills….

Sunday, November 13, 08:05:55 PM

thin plot predictable outcome

Saturday, November 12, 07:19:52 PM

Loved it . Laughs and kept my attention ??

Saturday, November 12, 06:15:10 PM

Julia Roberts boring face was so unpleasant in this movie. Lacked any connection among the characters. Location was great but made me feel like the producers just wanted an excuse to take a vacation. George Clooney was fun as always. Best part was when it was over.

Saturday, November 12, 08:08:08 AM

Is one of the cleanest movies I’ve seen in a long time! A good bunny feel good movie!! Did not like the clothes that y’all chose for Julia Roberts to wear, I realize she was an eccentric artist, but really… she’s too cute to dress so sad! I guess you wanted everybody looking at George Clooney😂

Wednesday, November 9, 01:14:15 PM

When will Hollywood realize that George Clooney no longer makes good movies! He just doesn’t do anything challenging & his acting is not well done, in my opinion!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 09:54:50 PM

SO GOOD. Funny and entertaining. Great movie - definitely recommend!

Tuesday, November 8, 07:50:08 PM

Loved it even more the second time! Laughed out loud. Funny very entertaining with some great dance moves.

Sunday, November 6, 10:05:00 AM

It was movie makes you smile I am tired of this moves they scared you and kids learn from them

Sunday, November 6, 12:23:44 AM

Fun, lighthearted, enjoyable. An escape. What Hollywood use to do. A great night to relax and unwind.

Saturday, November 5, 11:06:30 AM

Cute story, very enjoyable ! Loved every actor that was cast. And yes, the scenery was outstanding !

Saturday, November 5, 10:49:18 AM

the scenery we incredible. it was like they went on vacation in Bali and decided to make a movie while they were there

Friday, November 4, 12:34:31 PM

This was definitely an “older” chick flick. A fun movie for sure. Really enjoyed it.

Thursday, November 3, 07:26:30 PM

If you want to relax with some good entertainment and lots of chuckles, go see this movie!! We really enjoyed it!!

Thursday, November 3, 11:50:21 AM

Julia Roberts is a cold fish who can't act at all. She projects no warmth at all, only evil. She's badly miscast in this film as she is in every film. She ruins everything. She ruined this movie

Wednesday, November 2, 03:54:53 PM

This was such a cute movie! It had some funny parts, and romantic. You don’t really find those kind of movies now a days that don’t have violence, sex or cussing in them. I was very happy to see that. A movie with class!

Tuesday, November 1, 08:04:53 PM

Great movie… clean, yet great story!!

Tuesday, November 1, 07:31:10 PM

Loved this movie. Nice not having to hear 4 letter words. Fun loving. 2 of my favorite actors.

Tuesday, November 1, 01:00:08 AM

Good romantic comedy! Funny parts and characters you actually like. It seems they don’t make enough romantic comedies anymore. I recommend this one

Sunday, October 30, 12:54:26 PM

It was a lighthearted movie which made me laugh.

Saturday, October 29, 05:40:28 PM

Charming stars and lots of laughs make this enjoyable for all.

Saturday, October 29, 01:53:26 PM

Boring - same o same o laughs

Friday, October 28, 06:12:56 AM

Okay movie if say you have a couple of hours that you need to fill in while waiting for something. Normal mind numbing Hollywood fluff.