Thursday, June 17, 12:12:10 AM

an abvious rejected movie on the shelf, only brought out because of the China virus fake pandemic scared everyone into staying at home and destroying our economy, without china firing one shot.

Sunday, May 2, 09:43:55 AM

Loved it! I've seen this film at least four times. So good!

Sunday, May 2, 09:41:43 AM


Wednesday, March 31, 06:05:27 PM

Just had to see this movie one more time before it leaves theater, so so entertaining, funny and uplifting. The music and the beat will move your feet.

Saturday, March 27, 08:29:56 PM

Funny, lots of 😂

Thursday, March 4, 08:21:30 PM

Perfect for the kids and adults, funny and full of surprises. Don't miss this uplifting movie for the whole family.

Monday, March 1, 02:52:40 PM

This movie is so much FUN and a real Family film. Laughter and surprise as what to expect next. A wedding in a fancy Hotel in New York and the cat and mouse will keep you laughing. For all ages part animation and some real actors we know.

Sunday, February 28, 08:54:36 AM

Tom and Jerry were never funny. Ever.