Monday, March 20, 06:02:01 PM

Very good it makes me want to make my dream of living in another country seem real

Friday, August 3, 01:52:42 PM


Monday, September 26, 01:45:36 PM

Cute movie.

Friday, April 13, 11:05:10 AM

Marvelous movie! I had to own it. Every time I see it, makes my life to be more enjoyable.

Sunday, March 5, 01:07:50 PM

I saw it about 10 times and it still remains my favourite movie of all times!! It inspired me to go to Italy myself after a painful divorce (no, did not buy a villa, no did not fall in love..) but still had a life changing experience! Diane Lane is the most natural, amazing acress I`ve ever seen! Love her and all her movies!

Wednesday, July 20, 04:15:12 PM

Incredible!! I watch this movie at least once a week. Tuscany is the most beautiful place in the world.

Monday, January 17, 07:55:34 PM

It was a great movie. I saw it three times. The movie had a great storyline

Sunday, January 9, 11:52:30 PM

This is my favorite film. It takes you somewhere else, warm beautiful, and deep.

Monday, September 13, 11:51:38 PM

This film became my favourite the first time I saw it, and after several viewings since, remains at the top. The transitions from the despairing beginning, the unexpected chaos of opportunites, and the final embracing of the changes in Francis` life are so well filmed, changing grey/black colours transitionally to the warmth of yellows and golds is magic. Thank you for the tears and the laughter, a great way to spend an evening!

Monday, July 19, 11:45:33 PM

I was surprised, nicely surprised by the movie. Loved the deleted scenes cause it showed all the director´s style that couldnt be on the final cut. Favourite shot: palying with the wine by closing each eye...

Thursday, March 4, 02:06:38 PM

I juste loved it and I saw it twice. One special comment goes to Vincent Riotta who is absolutly adorable...makes you want more from this guy on his carreer and pictures and all.

Friday, February 13, 01:56:16 PM

I loved It. It has some unexpected turns and it isn`t your typical second time around romance movie. We all expect her to find love and happiness right away, but she doesn`t realize her dreams until the very end. Beautiful scenery, buiful story, and some absolutely gorgeous Italian men.

Saturday, February 7, 08:02:10 PM

To mushy

Friday, January 16, 02:55:34 PM


Saturday, December 20, 09:16:09 PM

I really enjoyed it, especially having been to Italy twice!!

Thursday, December 4, 06:55:46 PM

This movie made me have hope and courage to get through also made me very happy! Great scenery.

Tuesday, November 11, 11:40:11 AM

Great scenery, weak plot, character development

Wednesday, November 5, 12:42:43 PM

Ahhh, not a bad chick flick, but it`s crappy American stories like this that infuriate me. In one scene, the know-nothing American woman explains to a traditional Italian couple why their family traditions are wrong and how much happier they would be if they thought more like her, a modern American. The couple follows her lead and are much happier. The message: Thank God the Americans are here to show us the errors of our ways. Whatever.

Saturday, October 25, 01:59:02 PM

Very romantic. Gives U faith when things in life go wrong. Setting was very beautiful being in Italy. Makes me want to visit one day soon. Diane Lane was great.

Friday, October 24, 06:05:14 PM

It was a great movie. Never let go of your dreams!!

Thursday, October 23, 03:47:34 PM

It had alot of nice scenery. This had been the first Diane Lane movie that I actually liked. I would recommend this chick flick to any of my friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 05:23:11 PM

Great movie about lifes twists and turns.

Monday, October 20, 04:30:57 PM

It was a very nice movie, very funny and entertaining. It was great to see a movie that was both about comedy and life. There are really not many movies that combine the 2 well. Diane Lane did a good job, and the scenery was magnificent. I am Polish so I found the Polish parts extremely funny!! GO SEE IT

Wednesday, October 15, 01:47:11 AM

Great story about life`s twists and not so twist`s "of fate." Hats off to Diane Lane for making a positive change in her life to probably one of the most historically, beautiful places on the planet. I`m a guy and I loved it....

Tuesday, October 14, 04:45:03 PM

Diane Lane was good but this movie was an overall disappointment, not enough Tuscany scenery, no music, weak story line, an underwhelming chic flick!

Tuesday, October 14, 11:54:01 AM

Fabulous film! Funny, sexy, touching, entertaining. A really enjoyable movie that has great acting by Diane Lane and amazing scenery. Beautiful film. Great entertainment!

Saturday, October 11, 10:11:07 AM

Great movie....Ending should have been different, but it`s okay. Diane Lane is beautiful and the scenery...Wow!

Friday, October 10, 12:09:21 AM

not too bad. . a bit slow though

Wednesday, October 8, 06:06:27 PM

If you`re not into `chick flicks` then don`t bother going to this one and keep your biased oppinions to yourself and don`t spoil it for the millions who will watch this show and love it`s indepth look at life, hard knocks and how to keep going! Great show!

Wednesday, October 8, 01:55:33 AM

I like to read peoples comments before I see a show and you know, I just don`t get it. You can tell by the preview what kind of show it is and if you can`t stand `chick flicks` why do you go??? My spouse is an action lover and we went to Out Of Time the night before and he came with me to this one and his response at the end was "two really good shows in a row - I enjoyed that!". You missed the whole point of the show if you can walk away and just call it a chick flick - it was a very good show about life in general and how to make the best at what life throws you. `We` agree, it was a wonderful movie!

Monday, October 6, 04:57:31 PM

total chick flick hated it!

Sunday, October 5, 11:50:12 PM

Really cute movie.. even if it`s a chick flick ! It brings you somewhere else.

Saturday, October 4, 12:12:50 PM

It was a wonderful movie - made you think a lot about life, and what you should do with yours....

Saturday, October 4, 11:19:25 AM

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie; full of life as we know it and very moving. Diane Lane is a treat to watch. Highly recommend it.

Friday, October 3, 07:33:56 AM

A movie about women for women. Excellent.

Wednesday, October 1, 02:25:04 PM

Good funny chick flick. Italy is gorgeous.... Made me want to go there next year. Great cinematoraphy and sound. Feel good movie. Overall a good movie to see.

Tuesday, September 30, 10:59:20 PM

cute, a nice `feelgood` movie. Now to read the book.! :)

Monday, September 29, 07:47:49 PM

Joyfull, true, non-corny.

Monday, September 29, 04:39:00 PM

It`s not really even a romance, but more about life. Maintain your childlish innocence...

Monday, September 29, 03:01:10 AM

Chick Flick!