Thursday, April 13, 12:35:45 AM

Best animation that i have ever seen, i almost cried as a man, so i was so touched.

Wednesday, April 12, 09:23:53 AM

Absolutely gorgeous animation. The show I seen was subtitled and not dubbed, not sure why. May be a mix up. I will see it again just to see the animation next week.

Tuesday, April 11, 08:29:39 PM

Beware the trolls over selling or under selling the movie. Not academy award material, but neither is it Plan 9 from outerspace. If you like anime, you'll enjoy, if you're not a fan, find something else. That's it.

Saturday, April 8, 03:14:21 PM

This movie was amazing! The visuals were astounding and so beautiful. The story was great. This movie tug at my heart and throughout the film I was captivated by what the characters felt and how they both felt connected by fate. Whether you're an anime fan or not, you have to go watch this film at least once because this movie is such a breathtaking experience.