Tuesday, September 29, 05:53:58 PM

I believe in life after death. God is real or I'm not alive. I believe this movie shows a believer struggling with the question 'why' when bad things happen. And why not, God understands and helped this family come to terms with their struggles, showing God is good and speaks in our times of pain.

Monday, September 21, 10:20:32 PM

I was disappointed in the movie. It was a very good story about an accident victim hospitalization and recovery. He never says anything about his experience in heaven till the last few minutes of the movie. I was wanting to see what heaven looked like, what were his interactions with others in heaven like. Not worth the ticket price.

Monday, September 14, 08:55:29 PM

We enjoyed this movie....it shows the power of prayer, hope, faith and true friendships. God taught Don Piper so much through his painful experiences. There is much for us to learn as well from this movie. Go see it!

Sunday, September 13, 12:10:51 PM

He died and came. Back to life again don piper had Faith in him

Sunday, September 13, 11:57:38 AM

I saw. The movie I liked it was a Long one He had faith In him

Saturday, September 12, 09:34:23 PM

I was disappointed after watching the movie. At no point, I could see the church members or the family of the pastor hospitalized really pray. The wife was there at the hospital but I did not have a sense that they were a prayerful family. He said he was in heaven but could not say who he saw there excerpt his family members and friends who passed. No message from anyone, no Jesus, not even angels...

Saturday, September 12, 08:23:58 PM

Religious nuttery at the best. Religion is a scam people, stop believing in all this nonsense. Why is always some pastor or pastors son who comes back from heaven......Good business !!

Saturday, September 12, 11:29:41 AM

I just cant believe anything white people say. They are flaky and dishonest and will do anything for money and attention. No credibility at all.

Friday, September 11, 10:13:59 PM

I saw this movie today (Sept. 11) and was disappointed. While it is a powerful story of faith, belief, courage and purpose; I felt the movie dragged and the acting wasn't very good at all. When the gentleman who the film is based on speaks at the end of the movie; it is very moving and I think the movie would have been much better had the story been approached and narrated differently. These are just my thoughts and I don't want to discourage anyone from seeing movies with deep meaning so go and decide for yourself.

Friday, September 11, 10:05:54 PM

Inspirational movie. I needed a pick me up and left the theater uplifted.

Friday, September 11, 07:05:43 PM

This is a powerful movie based on the life altering event of a pastor, his family, his church, and his faith. It is a "must see."