Monday, January 7, 06:35:40 PM

The effects were AWESOME! I would describe it as a cross between Avatar and Star Wars. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a lot of battle scenes and I think it may have been better with a few less. Also wished the romance was a bit more but overall I loved it. I am going to see it again, hopefully in 3D if that is available.

Monday, January 7, 12:15:11 PM


Monday, January 7, 01:46:49 AM

Waste of money, I left 3/4 of the way through the movie.

Sunday, January 6, 06:21:56 PM

Well done assume! just wish the novie lasted much longer.

Sunday, January 6, 05:56:58 PM

If you like this kind of movie you will love it!!!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sunday, January 6, 03:08:49 PM

I enjoyed the movie. I figured out parts of the movie before it took place. To me it was predictable. Overall I enjoyed the movie.

Sunday, January 6, 11:21:24 AM

Movie was too long and the story dragged. The effects were amazing.

Sunday, January 6, 08:49:32 AM

Giving the movie four stars because the special effects were great. The effects would have been good in 3D, but I hate glasses, so went to normal showing. Plot was all over the place. The kids in my show kept talking because they didn’t understand what was going on. To.....long.....Acting so-so.

Sunday, January 6, 12:01:54 AM

Had low expectations for this movie since DC has pumped out some terrible movies for the last little while examples of some DC trash are suicide squad, justice league and wonder garbage. This is definitely worth the watch. I am going to see this again at some point

Saturday, January 5, 09:22:24 PM

As far as super hero movies go, this was one of the more entertaining flicks . It's no oscar winner but it has a lot of neat special effects,a lot of action and lots of humor mixed in . I saw it in the normal showing,but I'd bet it would be pretty cool on the IMAX or 3D

Saturday, January 5, 10:16:48 AM


Friday, January 4, 07:52:58 PM

I loved the action and the humor along with the suit of this dude actually matching the one from the comics. The acting was amazing too and I hope that they come out with another one soon.

Friday, January 4, 11:11:42 AM

Save your money. Story line/plot was non existence. Acting terrible. One of the worst.

Friday, January 4, 02:00:45 AM

This movie was great I really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end

Thursday, January 3, 09:20:53 PM

Absolute joy to watch! Totally entertaining, and I'm not a big comic fan. If you see one holiday movie make it this one!

Thursday, January 3, 09:18:55 PM

This movie was totally mesmerizing.....if you loved Avatar, you will enjoy this. Total fantasy, sci-fi, very entertaining, although it is a long movie, it flies by quickly. Are they going to make a follow-up I'm there!

Thursday, January 3, 08:44:23 PM

Awesome 😍

Thursday, January 3, 05:41:56 PM

Anyone who ever read DC comics can certainly say that these sequences of superhero movies just became a simple Hollywood sellout. The moment I found Aquaman and his companion from Atlantis sailing on a boat through the ocean, I thought "geez, is like Superman taking a flight to Toronto instead of simply flying there in two seconds." Things like this were found all through the movie. A truly piece of garbage.

Thursday, January 3, 05:05:48 PM

My husband and I just saw this movie and we were pleasantly surprised. We thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. The special effects were phenomenal, lots of action, a little comic relief and a little romance. We like to see most of the super-hero movies and we agreed that this was one of the best we have seen. Please go see for yourself and don't let the negative comments keep you away.

Thursday, January 3, 04:57:35 PM

Great story, great C G shots will see multiple more time. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Thursday, January 3, 04:34:27 PM

Weak casting, and thin story line. Great CGI but then again, so did the transformer franchise.

Thursday, January 3, 04:24:05 PM

Terrible. First time in years I wanted to walk out of a movie. Not even close to being as good as Marvel's movies. We laughed out loud at Black Manta's costume. Poor script. Get the DVD if you really HAVE to watch it.

Thursday, January 3, 12:34:22 AM

I loved everything about this movie. This movie has a great plot along with constant action & amazing special effects!. You would never know you are there for 2 1/2 hours.

Wednesday, January 2, 07:59:42 PM

It is the new Star Wars of the ocean. Loved it

Wednesday, January 2, 12:03:53 PM

The story was all over the places. Also I think they really stretched out the plot line. This movie is nothing compared to iron man or bat man. But if you are looking for a average movie just watch this. To be honest this movie is terrible compared to the other super hero movies.

Wednesday, January 2, 10:21:36 AM

"The only flaw in the Aquaman movie (in this spectacular movie) is they did not give a moment to his suit or how Aquaman got the suit" - He got the suit form the old king.

Tuesday, January 1, 09:12:59 PM

It was a great movie! Don't listen to the haters, this is worthy of entering the pantheon of "fabulous superhero cinema!"

Tuesday, January 1, 07:47:47 PM

Poor dialogue, acting stilted by dialogue, no plot, but lots of action,fighting, and noise. It was like Star Trek and King Arthur meet in the oceans. A waste of time and money.

Tuesday, January 1, 07:22:51 PM

Was way better than I could of ever imagined.

Tuesday, January 1, 08:08:32 AM

It was a great movie. It kept me engaged. The special effects were really good. The movie allowed me to just relax and enjoy the moment. I watched the IMAX version of the movie. It was a great experience. It was worth the money. The plot was better than some people are giving it credit for. It touched on issues that are present in today’s society (acceptance, tolerance, appreciation of differences, and uniting for a common good of all. I wouldn’t pay much attention to the negative reviews. One must see it for oneself.

Tuesday, January 1, 01:48:39 AM

poor plot, not even close to believable, fantasy without imagination, there are worse movies for sure, but Aquaman is not good.

Monday, December 31, 02:45:47 PM

great movie! really enjoyed it

Monday, December 31, 02:42:31 PM

This was one of the worst movies of the last few years. The plot was terrible, the acting even worse with a few attempts of humor that didn't come off. We usually buy into the sci-fi fantasies but this one was ridiculous from the start. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Sunday, December 30, 04:12:36 PM

This is a must see and a must buy!!

Sunday, December 30, 04:10:04 PM

This was so well done. The special affects were amazing. The story was well written too. The music and sound in the battle scenes were also well done. I loved it all. The actors were awesome.

Saturday, December 29, 09:04:31 PM

The picture it self,and the sound affects.

Saturday, December 29, 07:53:23 PM

Hope they make more , 100% loved it

Saturday, December 29, 07:48:32 PM

Loved it and whoever rates it one star doesn't know a good movie when they seen it

Saturday, December 29, 04:41:03 PM

I loved, loved, loved this movie!!! My whole family said it was perfect with the fight scenes you could actually see who is fighting for a change; they are usually done so fact actioned, the whole story line, special affects phenomenal, the joke scenes were spot on, and Jason Momoa was FANTASTIC!!!!!! He was the perfect actor for this hot, sexy role!! More please..........!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 12:26:59 PM

Those special affects were serious. Black Manta based off the comics, wasn't so good. But the base in the movie was loud and crazy. BEST MOVIE EVER. NOT BETTER THEN INFINITY WAR THO