Tuesday, March 15, 11:18:07 AM

They pushed this movie release date back over 5 years, the first one was pleased more than a decade ago and yet I still see this damn thing on the list of "coming soon" movies. Just because this movie has a lot of artistic crap in it doesn't mean it should be a piece of art as in "oh I don't like this lets change this, change that, here comes the due date but its not ready yet, I need more time, let's postpone it another full year" smh really?! I have officially given up being a fan of this movie. Fans can only wait so long before they turn to "yeah it's never going to actually come out, I'm done waiting for it" I'm seriously laying down a money bet here, I'm betting this movie will not see the light of day even after another full century...Prove me wrong James.

Tuesday, April 17, 08:10:18 PM

Abby was acting zainy. Then she drank caf pow and let gibs kiss her cheek. How do they come up with this stuff?