Wednesday, March 25, 04:10:27 PM

All bad

Saturday, March 14, 12:59:45 AM

WOW. Incredible acting from this lead. Its great to see Afro-Metis/Mulatto women in powerful roles! The story was important too, as the dilemma about the state's legal right to 'carry out a murder in cold blood' with the justification to right a wrong (a criminal murder). Well done. Worth seeing again. This was supposed to be what film was about...thought provoking, compelling and good professional storytelling and acting. Oh, what it has become!

Sunday, January 12, 10:05:33 AM

The acting was superb. It was great to see a Black woman in a position of power who showed her feelings. Alfre Woodard owned that role. She rocked it like a boss. She was a strong woman but she didn't have the stereotypical characteristics of a bitch. This film is a must see. It's a shame that is doesn't have widespread distribution. We must see these types of films in the theatres to show Hollywood that we want more of these good films about Black people.

Sunday, January 12, 09:55:56 AM

The acting was superb. There was little dialogue and the acting carried the message. I loved that a Black woman was the star. Her supporting actors were strong. It was authentic and not stereotypical and the characters were strongly developed.