Tuesday, June 2, 01:42:48 AM

All star cast but super boring. When I saw it available I thought would be interesting especially with the Covid pandemic and all. I was very wrong. Terrible character development. Stupid music. Slow, boring plot. I forced myself to watch to the end but caught myself nodding off more than once. Painful. No real drama ever developed. Gawd awful.

Wednesday, March 25, 07:31:52 PM

What a movie

Wednesday, July 11, 08:49:48 AM

terrifying look at a pandemic. i think i will stay in today...

Monday, June 11, 10:37:59 PM

i didn't really enjoy this movie. it was sort of slow and long. i did enjoy how it revealed the simple way a virus could spread quickly and become an epidemic.

Thursday, January 19, 11:23:05 AM

yes, scary this could happen, but as a movie it is typical as a plot and was surprised to see matt damon in this movie... was a okay movie night movie.

Monday, January 9, 12:20:51 AM

WOW, scary, and actually could happen. After watching this movie you will be more germ conscience...very informative as well. I highly recommend.

Wednesday, January 4, 08:48:19 AM


Friday, December 23, 07:08:49 AM

A real eye-opener.

Thursday, December 22, 05:07:58 AM

Snore fest. Boring. I detest slow thrillers with no clearly defined ending. This should have been left in the '70's.

Wednesday, December 21, 06:37:44 PM

After watching this movie I tend to wash my hands more often...very realistic movie with an overtoned of "it could happen".

Wednesday, December 21, 05:12:21 PM

Lots of suspense

Wednesday, December 21, 03:14:42 PM

scary thought of what could happen.Very realistic

Tuesday, December 20, 10:06:33 AM

Pass on this one.

Sunday, December 18, 05:53:54 PM

I was fixated. Very enjoyable!

Saturday, December 17, 10:20:34 AM

Awesome Movie, I think they could of showed more of the disease and what it was doing.

Friday, December 16, 05:43:52 PM


Friday, December 16, 05:15:31 PM

Lots of suspense

Friday, December 16, 03:40:37 PM

Pretty good movie, kind of creepy to think about something like that actually happening.

Friday, December 16, 04:26:29 AM

Too many characters. I wish they'd have focused more on one or two, then maybe I'd have cared about what happened to them. Kinda boring for such a catastrophic situation.

Friday, December 16, 12:18:11 AM

Great movie, Great actors. A bit of the same old.

Thursday, December 15, 09:34:12 AM

such a good movie

Wednesday, December 14, 01:32:48 PM

An excellent movie and an eye-opener.

Monday, December 12, 08:49:36 PM

It was a good movie but reminded me a lot of a CBC made for TV special on the SARS epidemic and it's impact in Toronto. Still dramatic but I was expecting something more, can't pin point exactly what that was...

Monday, December 12, 07:39:53 PM

Lots of suspense

Monday, December 12, 08:25:31 AM

Loved movie kept my intrest and a little on edge

Sunday, December 11, 06:01:56 PM

Lots of suspense

Saturday, December 10, 08:43:04 PM

Excellent movie. You don't know which actor/actress to start to like as the big name stars seem to die off quickly. It makes you more aware when you go to stick your finger in your mouth (biting fingernails). Awesome film. Only one gory part but lots of suspense.

Saturday, December 10, 06:29:19 PM

Lots of suspense

Saturday, December 10, 02:13:08 PM

I go to the movies to be entertained this is true and could happen so it is frightening. Not the enjoyable fright that goes away after You leave the show

Friday, December 9, 07:25:49 PM

Lots of suspense

Friday, December 9, 05:13:37 PM

Good reproduction. Matt Damon plays his role well. Plot is realistic enough to happen today.

Friday, December 9, 12:54:14 PM

I found this movie accurate in it's depiction of how a virus can wipe out a nation very quickly and how the Health Authorities are governed by political agendas

Thursday, December 8, 05:09:09 PM

For such a good list of stars this could have been so much better

Thursday, December 8, 02:53:41 PM

I found this movie to be very thought-provoking. It makes us question whether or not we are truly prepared??

Wednesday, December 7, 09:03:38 PM

Movies like this scare the dickens out of me and this one did too!

Wednesday, December 7, 08:44:02 PM

very intense and held my interest until the end

Wednesday, December 7, 07:37:58 PM

Lots of suspense

Wednesday, December 7, 03:25:17 PM

Loved it. Kept me at the end of my seat and always grabbed my attention.

Wednesday, December 7, 12:58:44 PM

It was a very intense movie, it keep me on my seat. I loved it.

Tuesday, December 6, 01:48:19 PM

Sadly when I watched this movie I found that the story line was a little too over dramatized. I lost feeling for the main characters of the film which was not a good thing as many of them went through a lot of striff during the film.