Saturday, September 24, 07:40:58 AM

You people criticizing a movie of ANIMATED FEMALES kissing then what about your favorite celebrities then Lil Nas, Kehlani, JoJo Siwa you guys say something and it lasts for two weeks tops and don’t even realize maybe your kid’s favorite celebrity is gay you can’t say you don’t like how a CARTOON is wrong because your child has liked JoJo Siwa growing up and you found out she was apart of LGBTQ+ if i had any kids of my own I would never let my child disrespect anyone who is apart of it it’s disgusting to see how so many people have a problem with people being themselves and out the mix maybe you should have watched the movie alone before you bought your homophobic family to watch it would’ve been way more easier like if your that pressed of some characters that are women kissing to be exact maybe you shouldn’t watch tv bc its a thing now and I highly doubt that anyone would change themselves or their mind to satisfy you…. but that just my opinion.

Friday, September 9, 05:43:59 PM

This was a super kid show! Working together (regardless of who or what you are) will always prevail!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 06:38:21 PM

Not good for kids. Wrong message

Tuesday, September 6, 01:59:48 PM

It was National or International Cinema Day on the weekend and my wife and I thought, let's take the kids to see this movie. Look, I'm a DC and Marvel movie fan, but not so much into the cartoons. This one had me laughing many many times. The turtle stole the show! It was very meta to have The Rock voice Krypto and in the mid credits scene also voice Black Adam and his dog and basically outsmarted them B.A. and his dog. I thought the Kate McKinnon did a great job as the villain. re: The two women engaged, I didn't even notice them kiss and it was a quick second, who cares. And you can't shelter your kids from everything, this sort of thing is out there and people in the LGBTQ2 community are not hiding any more. The cartoon is not indoctrinating anyone, they are showing more and more how life is, even in a fantasy kids cartoon. My kids enjoyed it and so did I.

Tuesday, September 6, 12:19:40 PM

While I associated Dwayne Johnson with what is reasonable and good, this changed my mind. Characters are cute and there are some redeeming qualities of the movie. However, having been assaulted by the alternative lifestyle agenda for the last few years I’ve gone from being indifferent to more conservative. Just stop already. Hollywood, make movies not political statements wrapped in animation.

Monday, September 5, 01:24:11 PM

not for kids! inappropriate language and women kissing! ugh

Saturday, August 27, 05:52:10 PM

Basically two women kissing🤮, some language that children do not need to hear even if implied, just too mature for children, only the left that like their children indoctrinated with wholeness will give it 5 stars

Monday, August 22, 12:01:47 AM

I came on here to see why this movie only has a 3 star rating before seeing it today. Everyone of the bad reviews were by people completely exaggerating it being sexualized. One reviewer made a comment about the two cartoon women who kiss. Our eight year old grandson didn’t even notice. It’s a nothing burger at the start of the film. People enjoying a city park. Period. I’d say, if any draw back, it is rather violent but no one dies. Cute characters and lots of great voice contributors such as Keanu Reeves and Kevin Hart, among others.

Saturday, August 20, 12:27:48 AM

Good entertainment

Friday, August 19, 09:06:37 AM

If you are homophobic, you shouldnt not have children!! WHO CARES IF TWO WOMEN KISS FOR A SECOND!!? You do realize some kids have parents that are gay right. Fantastic move, great lessons, love the theme, a little adult but the jokes are for us taking the kids to watch the movie! Not to long.

Friday, August 19, 09:04:38 AM

honestly it was way better than i expected! Cute characters, great lessons and morals, good example of friendship and love. Showed the darker side of things but nothing too dark for a PG. Some language. Some adult themes but certainly worth it!

Tuesday, August 16, 06:58:53 PM

It was great! Took the grandkids and my kids.. it was great for my grandkids to see the normalcy of two women kissing and as well as superman and Lois kissing in the park. I myself am in a same sex marriage.

Saturday, August 13, 06:29:56 PM

Not appropriate for children

Friday, August 12, 08:45:38 AM

I have no problem with the alphabet community and supporting adults' right to choose their own lifestyle, but QUIT throwing this agenda in minors' faces! I took my 7 and 9-year-old grandsons to see this movie and within 10 minutes of the start of the movie, low and behold, we had 2 animated women kissing each other. This is not appropriate for a kid's movie. Let them be kids and not have to question their sexuality until they reach 18 years old!

Wednesday, August 10, 07:07:25 PM

Quit trying to indoctrinate our kids with things that are a moral issue! It’s scandalous! Leave our children alone!

Wednesday, August 10, 12:29:30 PM

The best DC movie to date. Fun and educational, too.

Wednesday, August 10, 12:09:49 PM

We were planning to take grandkids to see a cute, kids movie...but not one that intentionally pushes inappropriate agendas on children. Too bad...sad

Monday, August 8, 08:50:41 AM

Exciting, but no need to put in bleeped obscenities, implication that Lois Lane spends the night at Superman’s house or two women being engaged. Let kids be kids. The movie was ruined by pushing unnecessary ideology.

Sunday, August 7, 11:00:14 AM

At the start of the movie, they have two women that they introduce as husband-and-wife kissing. This is a kid's movie and that is not necessary to promote their gay agenda.

Saturday, August 6, 02:36:19 PM

It was entertaining

Sunday, July 31, 09:49:59 PM

the movie has great action and a good storyline. I really give the difference between a pet and a person's view in the world of pets. Great special effects action was great. I would have it in my collection any day so when it comes out on DVD I'll be getting it for my home collection. I liked the actor Kevin Heart.

Saturday, July 30, 07:11:39 AM

My kids were ready to leave before the end of the movie. I liked Kevin Hearts character. Disney seems to have a checklist on what things to push and entertain. We’ve seen 5 family movies this year in the theater. This one was my least favorite, most expensive and I wish we didn’t go see it.

Friday, June 24, 02:48:33 PM