Monday, August 22, 01:58:57 PM

A beatuful movie! A true art form! Loved Carey in a serious role, it shows just what a brilliant actor he is. Loved Kate, she is always great. The movie could have done without Kirsten Dunst. She is probabaly not a bad actress but there is something about her that bothers me that is almost always there not matter what role she plays.

Sunday, March 23, 09:26:03 PM

This is one of my favourite movies. I prefer Jim Carrey in serious roles. Carrey and Winslet were a terrific match. The only think that I didn't like was Kirsten Dunst, who I think is a horrible actress.

Sunday, August 13, 07:51:20 PM

I personally think this movie shows Jim Carrey at his best. We always knew that Kate Winslet was an amazing actress and this movie only proves it even more. I think it`s a beautiful concept. I could very much relate to this film and would recommend it to anyone who knows what it feels like to be in love.

Sunday, July 30, 10:19:16 AM

just great

Monday, April 24, 12:04:32 PM

the best movie i ever seen as well jim carey`s best movie.

Monday, March 6, 11:52:25 AM

The best movie of 2004!

Wednesday, November 9, 01:58:14 AM

This movie is amazing. Beyong amazing. It`s so moving. The first time I watched it, I was at my friend`s house with three friends, and two of them were trying to explain it, while another one (my boyfriend, actually) just pretty much poked me and bugged me, and I was just lost in the movie. It`s so sad and happy at the same time. And I can`t even imagine two completely different people falling in love with each other, and they have so much fun together, and then one random day, one of them finds out that the other erased them from their memory. I swear, that`s the saddest thing ever, and they do such a good job of acting it out in the movie.

Tuesday, October 4, 10:53:56 PM

I love this movie it is one of my all time favorites.

Wednesday, March 30, 02:13:27 PM

I need nothing to erase this boring film from my mind...a pure waste of film.

Monday, March 21, 06:57:51 PM

The film was absolutely amazing. The only way you won`t love it is if you don`t understand it. It`s one of those movies you either love, or hate. And for the record, there were 2 Oscar nominations; one win: best original screenplay. And it was well deserved. A stunning picture; a must see for anyone who`s looking for a thought-provoker instead of the sex and guns of the average modern movie.

Sunday, March 13, 10:21:54 PM

Just when you thought that Jim Carrey would be stuck in the comedy genre, he comes barrelling out with something that not only will make you laugh, but you`ll cry, and you`re really going to need a lot of tissues for this one.

Sunday, February 27, 12:29:24 AM

Winslet is outrageous and intense. Carey is serious and believable. An intriguing story and seemingly so real. Four stars.

Sunday, February 27, 12:22:58 AM

I liked this film. It was intriguing and plausible. We all have relationships or moments in a relationship that we would like to forget. But what is the price in losing those memories. All the cast were good. Winslet is a stand out because of her outrageous character and it was great to see Carey in a dramatic role that is believeable. Four and half stars.

Tuesday, January 25, 10:03:47 AM

I HATED the Truman Show and this was worse!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 01:57:54 PM

brilliant, One of the greatest films of all time!!!!

Friday, December 17, 12:41:49 PM

If you like the Truman Show and the Cable Guy, you`ll like this movie. If you truly understand Carrey and his genius you will love this film.

Monday, December 13, 12:32:24 PM

Terrible...just plain TERRIBLE!!

Friday, December 10, 11:13:10 AM

This movie was absolutely amazing. It is a very touching movie, with a very strong message. I have never been moved so much by a movie, but this one did it for me. It really makes you think about your past and those that you love, as well as those you have lost, and shows that without those memories, we wouldn`t be who we are now. It is an intelligent movie, and I reccommend it to those who are strong at heart.

Monday, November 22, 11:26:32 AM

This movie was amazing! I wish i had of seen this in the theatre.Right after I rented it and watched it, I bought it.The movies really funny and kinda weird.Im warning you though, its one of those movies you gota pay attention to.One bathroom break and you could get lost

Sunday, November 21, 11:49:43 PM

Anyone who doesn`t see how brilliant this movie is, is obviously not very intelligent. I`ve never seen a more fantastic film! It was very moving. I haven`t watched one in a while that effected quite like this one.

Thursday, September 30, 06:06:08 PM

Intelligent story, great chemistry between lead roles. A very fine movie with brilliant visuals, and an amazing soundtrack.

Thursday, August 19, 04:02:22 PM

Movies don`t get much worse than this one!!

Saturday, August 14, 10:20:17 AM

Great Storyline, great actors. brilliant.

Friday, August 6, 12:50:47 PM

it has my favourite actor elijah wood

Thursday, August 5, 11:38:47 AM

Should have gone straight to video!

Wednesday, August 4, 03:55:30 PM

This was such a stupid movie....I agree with most of the other people this moive was lame!

Sunday, August 1, 05:01:05 PM

Fantastic to finally see a film that requires some thought, and does not feature thousands of silicone clad blondes with large white toothy grins. EXCELLENT!

Friday, July 30, 09:46:33 PM

Horrible!....Just plain Horrible!

Friday, July 30, 04:55:45 PM

Long time haven`t seen a movie as good as this one!

Wednesday, July 28, 10:50:40 AM

What`s to understand?....this was just an AWEFUL Movie!

Friday, July 23, 11:58:18 AM

Awesome..great...wonderful..Those who didn`t like it..didn`t understand it. I loved it!

Friday, July 23, 10:00:34 AM

Wrong...I`m saying its bad because it is...bad acting...bad directing..bad many oscar nominations...0! Bad...Bad....Bad!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 02:36:12 PM

The reason people are saying it`s bad is because their too dumb to understand. Sorry people, but you need to have some form of intelligence to understand and appreciate this wonderfull film! The movie goes through Joel (jim carrey`s) mind. It goes through the past and present and future so some things might not seem clear at first. But if you can learn to pay attention, in the end, it`ll be worth it.

Wednesday, July 14, 12:46:46 PM

What the heck was that all about... P.U. something stinks this movie!!

Tuesday, July 13, 08:39:35 PM

sadly, i dont really get this movie... =(

Saturday, July 10, 01:42:31 PM

Brilliant. One of the few great movies released in recent memory.

Friday, July 9, 11:51:46 AM

I did not think that a movie this bad could be far the worst movie of the year...1 star is 1 star to many!

Monday, July 5, 01:26:07 PM

Just plain horrible!

Sunday, July 4, 05:28:11 PM

Intelligent and unique. You will find yourself looking at everything differently after this movie.

Wednesday, June 30, 06:54:43 AM

intelligent, funny, and enjoyable movie