Friday, September 6, 08:55:10 PM

it was okay - just okay. First movie WAS better. The kids were still the best thing in it

Friday, September 6, 06:54:52 PM

Not worth your time or your money!! It was worse than the first one??

Friday, September 6, 01:30:52 PM

Good conclusion that talks about the shadow side of people. We are not done with our earlier wounds and we need to grow out of our fears.

Thursday, September 5, 10:40:11 PM

Was ok. 1st 1 was waaay better. This 1 had too much story building and not enough pennywise. And of course Hollywood had to add it's homosexual touch to the film which is pointless. Not that I have any problem at all with gays or anyone, it just seems like it's being forced on everyone nowadays. And in my opinion didn't fit the movie, even though they "REALLY" tried to adapt that in.....

Thursday, September 5, 10:25:01 PM

So incredibly lame. Stephen King should be embarrassed. Just SO, SO Stupid!!……………….Guru Bob...…...35/100

Monday, September 2, 10:16:47 PM

I loved everything about it

Saturday, August 17, 10:23:59 PM

I love it because my favorite actor and singer is in it Finn Wolfhard

Tuesday, June 25, 06:23:01 PM

Can hardly wait