Saturday, September 10, 10:24:53 PM

Interesting SCI-FI thriller integrating science and sociology.

Saturday, September 10, 12:00:08 AM

Not terrible but very predictable

Friday, September 9, 11:30:19 PM

Very thin movie. Not so much Sci Fi as girls just fighting each other. Bad direction and unfortunately even bad over the top acting by Paul Giamoti whom I normally love. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this film.

Thursday, September 8, 09:02:09 PM

Pretty good

Monday, September 5, 02:32:56 PM

Good thriller first half of Morgan. Second half poor editing fight scenes between Characters and a very silly rushed ending.

Sunday, September 4, 05:03:04 PM

Predictable - had the movie figured out in the first 10 minutes

Saturday, September 3, 07:45:05 PM

It's pretty lame. Predictable, simplistic, and at times, boring. Not good.

Saturday, September 3, 12:15:44 AM

Fantastic Ridley Scott production