Sunday, September 2, 11:26:45 PM

Loved it! Very well made!

Friday, August 10, 01:07:49 AM

If you like past Oceans 11 movies, you’ll like this one. Like all of them, not super fast paced, but entertaining and smart. It was good

Monday, August 6, 10:00:40 AM

Good story, excellent ensemble cast. Very enjoyable. Not sure why some gave it negative review. Was a great summer movie!

Tuesday, July 24, 01:58:36 PM

The movie was funny and had plot twists! I really enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 22, 10:30:19 PM


Sunday, July 22, 02:03:21 PM

The actors were good, but thats about all ! The only time that I thought the movie was funny was the last 5 min. A waste of time.

Friday, July 20, 11:40:56 PM

Fresh, twists and turns, brilliant, all women stars (for a change), FUN

Wednesday, July 18, 07:01:32 PM


Wednesday, July 18, 05:32:02 PM

Saw this in Jamaica and apart from staying cool for a little while it was a waste of time. It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to walk out on a movie

Monday, July 16, 07:16:39 PM

I enjoyed it very much and so cool.

Monday, July 16, 02:23:28 PM


Friday, July 13, 03:23:32 AM

Bloody terrible

Thursday, July 12, 06:24:15 PM


Thursday, July 12, 04:53:48 PM

I can't believe how boring this movie was with all the great actresses in it. Disappointing.

Wednesday, July 11, 11:04:29 PM

Boring, unimaginative, made for TV movie at best. There was absolutely nothing that stood out in this film. It was a rehash of old heist films with a cast of women. Don’t waste your money wait until it comes out on tv. Sandra Bullock was not even a likable character in this film.

Tuesday, July 10, 11:59:56 AM


Tuesday, July 10, 11:44:37 AM

Sandra Bullock is awesome in this film and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tuesday, July 10, 06:43:14 AM

Liked the film, far better than most of the other attempts to remake movies with female casts [ie Ghostbusters]. A very clever interpretation, with an un-anticipated ending. Great strong cast, but I think it would have been an even better film if the roles of Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway had been reversed. I am a fan of both, but the film may have been even better with this change.

Monday, July 9, 06:02:59 PM

Nothing new here except the gender flip. Still cynical ironic flashy trash. Skip it.

Monday, July 9, 06:45:21 AM

Not at all too long! Great movie!

Monday, July 9, 06:44:45 AM

Fun Great movie!

Saturday, July 7, 12:29:27 PM

Too long, and too boring

Friday, July 6, 03:02:02 PM

Not the worst movie I ever saw but if they weren't going to make it a little more interesting it should have been shorter by 20 minutes. It did have a few good scenes. I knew I wasn't going to see an Academy Award contender but with that cast the script should have had more punch. An okay movie for a rainy afternoon.

Thursday, July 5, 06:14:02 PM

Great fun!

Wednesday, July 4, 05:14:51 PM


Wednesday, July 4, 11:16:39 AM

This was a great movie. If you haven't seen the other oceans movie it might seem a little hard to follow for some. They did a fantastic job putting the plot together. There are some nice surprises in the movie throughout. Would recommend seeing it!

Tuesday, July 3, 06:01:27 PM

I really enjoyed this movie...all the women played great roles. I would recommend it.

Tuesday, July 3, 06:30:55 AM

Great movie! Amazing Women! It has a story and it's told well, sadly a lot of persons will not understand. Go see this movie if you like women and if you like a real story.

Monday, July 2, 03:29:43 PM

Love Sandra Bullock

Sunday, July 1, 02:23:05 PM

This movie was put together great. It is ashamed audiences will not give the women credit for there performance. This story line followed the previous Ocean's movie theme. I loved the cameo appearances from the stars.

Friday, June 29, 07:21:21 PM

Don't waist you time. Trying to get female actors to take the place and try to act like the original men in all the previous Oceans movies was a big mistake.

Thursday, June 28, 08:17:46 PM

Crap, crap and more crap.

Thursday, June 28, 02:09:28 PM

Kept my attention, beautiful costumes, loved the twist in the tale, and worth watching. Thumbs up.

Wednesday, June 27, 07:08:26 PM

Everything outstanding plot and acting

Wednesday, June 27, 04:39:06 PM

Plot , script, acting plain and simple it was a bore.

Wednesday, June 27, 01:56:29 PM

I realy enjoyed this movie. The cast was great. And the story was fun and enjoyable. Great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon

Wednesday, June 27, 01:55:51 PM

Great cast however they couldn’t save this movie. There was no suspense. What if someone found out about the heist, what if there were technical problems and what if there was internal conflict from within the group? It just went along like going shopping at the grocery store. Too bad it could have been so much more.

Monday, June 25, 11:19:20 AM

I'm surprised this got lower ratings. i went in not expecting much as a result but fully enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Sandra Bullock's performance was great as were all the others. Entertaining, enjoyable. I in fact am going to see it a second time.

Friday, June 22, 08:19:07 AM

It was a great laugh with many of my favorites. Girl Power! Bet most low rating is by guys.

Wednesday, June 20, 10:49:08 PM

This movie had some clever scenes in the beginning with Sandra Bullock then it was all down hill. I struggles through it, terrible plot. To comment on one reviewer "Most of these negative reviews must be men!" You're seriously going to go there? So because I didn't like the movie I'm sexist now. Really!?! Get over yourself.