Thursday, August 22, 05:10:15 PM

I loved the character development, and how the story unfolded.

Thursday, August 22, 03:53:31 PM

A great movie. Only prudes and dirty idiot hippies will hate it.

Thursday, August 22, 01:10:53 PM

The first two thirds or so of the movie was great. I loved the camera angles and the shots of downtown LA with all the old cars dating from 1968 and earlier; the costumes that mimicked late 'sixties fashion were right on. Tension slowly builds as we are introduced to the Manson Family. However, once the killing begins the film drops from a four or five star rating to a one star rating (if that). The violence was over the top, even for Tarentino. The apparent attempt at blood drenched humour was sickening and the constant disparaging of long haired poor people as 'dirty hippies' was tiresome.

Wednesday, August 21, 09:24:42 PM

An homage to Hollywood in the late 1960s. Try to keep up with all of the movie genres Tarantino weaves through this story. Great acting, neat insights into movie-making, and great music. The Sharon Tate murders is tossed out there in the trailers, but Tarantino has more up his creative sleeve. Some people seem confused by that. They should look at that movie poster a little closer. The story gets a bit too loose for me in the middle, but my thrill never wavered in this ride.

Wednesday, August 21, 04:39:27 PM

Immensely entertaining! Loved the attention to the details from the 1960s. This was classic Tarantino—unpredictable, funny and also violent. If you’re expecting ‘The Sound of Music’ or a Doris Day movie...this ain’t the movie for you. I’d definitely see it again!

Wednesday, August 21, 12:03:18 PM

Brilliant! Kept me interested for the entire movie.

Tuesday, August 20, 06:14:54 PM

Great cinematography that captures the era perfectly.

Tuesday, August 20, 04:57:23 AM

This Movie is in such poor taste. I remember watching the News in 1969 when Charles Manson murdered Sharon Tate and cut her unborn baby from her still warm Corpse. Hollywood is morally devoid to make this.

Tuesday, August 20, 04:55:06 AM

If you enjoy a Movie that is really awful this is it.

Monday, August 19, 10:16:22 PM

Worse movie. Bloody, bare feet and every other words starts with F.

Monday, August 19, 09:47:11 PM

Do not miss ... CLassic

Monday, August 19, 04:16:13 PM

Why don't people like Charles Manson ? What a Great Guy it's not like he ever did anything bad to anyone ? Sharon Tate was fine in the film so what's the problem ?

Monday, August 19, 04:10:51 PM

A fantastic cinematic reinvention. Not for those with weak constitutions or weak attention spans for that matter.

Monday, August 19, 06:02:59 AM

Yet another boring Movie cashing in on Nostalgia. What sets this one apart by far is just how boring it was.

Monday, August 19, 12:08:21 AM

Dragged for the first 45 minutes. Very bad taste for what could have been a fun trip down memory lane. Pitt and DICaprio did as much as they could with the script. Movie with a mass murder using Manson, esp when one of the characters was Sharon Tate. So glad her murder not shown. Shame on the movie industry.

Sunday, August 18, 06:21:40 PM

The five star ratings should be removed

Sunday, August 18, 03:18:43 PM

A terrific ride. Lots of fun. And despite what is obviously the same one-star spammer is saying, this film does not glorify mass murder or paint Charles Manson as a "swell guy". These misleading -actually downright false- reviews should be removed.

Sunday, August 18, 01:48:27 PM

Worst movie ever. It was boring and not put together well. It was also slow paced.

Sunday, August 18, 01:39:28 PM

Best Terrantino movie so fat. LOVE this movie.

Sunday, August 18, 01:37:43 AM

Terrible. Very slow pacing. The only things that made it worth watching was the music, the old tv series references, and Brad Pitts' understated acting.

Saturday, August 17, 09:02:24 PM

I wanted to like this movie so badly— just didn’t happen. It’s long and labored. The acting was pretty good, especially Brad Pitt. If were 30 mins shooter, maybe it wouldn’t have lagged in so many places

Saturday, August 17, 06:58:02 PM

I am sure Sharon Tate's family will be relieved that she was not murdered in the film and that Charles Manson is a swell guy. This film is a disgrace, I remember watching on the news in 1969 that pregnant Sharon Tate had been murdered and her fetus had been cut from her body, I guess I don't have a sense of humour as I thought this was horrible .

Saturday, August 17, 03:48:34 PM

Five stars? Stay home and watch the world news. Enough horrific events going on there. Do not need to see more at a local theatre. Ranch scenes are so creepy. We all know about Manson. So the movie did not end with Sharon being murdered, so what ... we all know she was murdered.

Saturday, August 17, 01:37:46 PM

Watching paint dry is more entertaining then this movie

Saturday, August 17, 12:59:48 PM

This is a movie-movie about movies. It's only tangentially about Manson. People who gave this film a low score either didn't see the film or don't understand the film. Watching the glory of its filmmaking is addictive. My wife and I saw it 3 times. We know someone who saw it eight times. Perhaps attention spans are limited for trolls. The Bruce Lee section, which some people questioned, is a fantasy from Brad Pitt's character's viewpoint as he stands on a roof, fixing DiCaprio's character's tv antenna. Pitt's stuntman career is so low that he's forced to be DiCaprio's go-fer. Having been informed that he won't be getting a stunt double job, he fantasizes about how much better he is than anybody else, that he could even beat Bruce Lee. The scene is meant to tell us about the anger inside Brad Pitt's frustrated character, anger that comes out in the climax. Everything depends on context. The trolls for this film appear not to understand context or else they'e talking about a film they haven't seen.

Saturday, August 17, 12:06:00 PM

Loved it though it was a bit long. You have to know the Manson story for the end to make sense.

Saturday, August 17, 11:26:04 AM

Either you get it and love this movie, or you don't get it and apparently hate this film. I think that is funny.

Saturday, August 17, 11:21:21 AM

Great movie enjoy every minute. Acting was great.

Saturday, August 17, 10:32:05 AM

Glorifying a Mass Murderer. Not my idea of entertainment.

Saturday, August 17, 10:16:22 AM

Some people just don't know a good movie when they see one.

Saturday, August 17, 09:49:04 AM

Obscenely Bad, disrespected the memory of Bruce Lee.

Saturday, August 17, 09:01:12 AM

One of the best movies I have seen in a couple years with two of the greatest actors of our time

Saturday, August 17, 06:40:12 AM

Great movie... Casual movie fans might have trouble seeing the genius of Tarantino's take of the events of 1969.. too bad for them... All others will LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!! The movie is totally fun to watch.. Will be going for a 3rd time!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 01:49:42 AM

Saw 5 people walk out in disgust when Charles Manson first appears. Stayed and regretted it.

Saturday, August 17, 01:48:11 AM

I would have thought it impossible to make a Movie so bad with these actors. Boring to say the least.

Friday, August 16, 11:29:00 PM

Would have given it no stars if that was a option

Friday, August 16, 11:27:57 PM

Hugely entertaining. Great acting from Di Caprio and Pitt.

Friday, August 16, 10:45:46 PM


Friday, August 16, 09:37:26 PM

just about horrible

Friday, August 16, 08:06:50 PM

The realest movie every made about the dark side of privilege, entitlement, and freedom.