Friday, October 22, 01:20:40 AM

This is the best movie I have ever seen! Fantastic!

Monday, May 25, 03:01:50 PM

its nothin but amazing (: i lov it

Saturday, April 11, 03:35:30 PM

beautiful love story but without all of the violence and sex in these timed movies!

Saturday, April 11, 03:31:04 PM

I think that some peole will not understand the passion of this amazing film. Some people will think it as an understatement. I understood the movie because I personally read about 25 books in one year! If you are to watch this movie and understand it then you would have too understand the language wich is used in it. If some of the words, from a scale of 1/10, are unfermiliar it might be clear that you may need to study more in your vocabulary. Some people say that Im bossy, but the truth is that I just really love giving good advice about reading and movie re-viewing. I am a 6th grader 11 years old!

Saturday, April 11, 03:15:25 PM

When I first saw this movie I did'nt really like it. But then I started to go over it more and more becuase that's what I always do when it comes to movies, I have to watch each one about 5 times to see if I have missed anything. So the more I watched it... I just simply fell in love with it and now Prid and Predjudice is my most favorite movie of all! I am a famous movie director but for my own safty I have to keep my name under cover. I give this movie a 5!

Tuesday, July 22, 10:15:51 PM

My favorite movie ever. I have watched time and time again. I never get tired of if. I also enjoyed the BBC version, but love the movie version much more.

Sunday, March 23, 01:31:53 PM

beautiful love story

Saturday, June 16, 10:39:47 PM

Brilliant, fresh and nothing like the BBC version starring Colin Firth, this version of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice explores the time setting closer to the actual truth. Not as fancy or upper class as other versions make it out to be, but true to the story line and well scripted, this Gem of a movie is a must see.

Saturday, November 25, 12:08:29 PM

I was a terrific movie, I would definitely recommend seeing it!

Monday, November 6, 08:26:36 PM

wow i love it

Tuesday, October 10, 05:10:27 PM

super,well spoken it that I watched it 4x this long Labour day week end.

Friday, October 6, 09:17:47 AM

Excellent movie Something that you pay attention from the beginning to the end, Landscape are beautiful, the casting , the actor and... the storie oh so beautiful. Wish i`ll a story like one day ... Johanne from Montreal Canada

Monday, June 12, 10:57:00 PM

Perfect. I love it very much. I hope we can go back the time full of manner and peace.

Sunday, June 11, 08:22:22 PM

Best movie ever. I loved Mathew macFayden, he is sooooo hot. I ove the story line, I love the clumsy Mr. Bingley, I love all of it

Saturday, June 10, 08:36:59 PM

The casting of this movie is outstanding. Each actor very well captures the personality of their character. At first I thought the the casting of Mr. Darcy was way off, but have come to realize that no one else but Matthew MacFadyen could have played him. It was simply due to my favourite love of this outstanding character that initially biased my opinion. A good portion has been left from the book and while it may seem bare to those of use who love it so, the movie still captures what Pride and Prejudice is. The most wonderful story of love and circumstances I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Friday, June 9, 06:27:29 PM

I recently rented the Colin Firth version. Sorry for blaspheming but I think the Keira Knightly -Matthew MacFadyn version is so much better. After reading the book I felt the characters were more aptly played by the more modern actors. The movie movie was beautifully shot on great locations. The supporting cast was great too. High marks.

Sunday, May 21, 05:12:40 PM

I have seen the movie the movie over and over. Matthew MacFadyen is soooo handsome and I just love it!!!

Monday, May 1, 03:49:49 PM

I liked the movie a lot... I just wish that my boyfriend could have been with me to wathc it... he would have held me close. Even though he doesn`t like movies that are "sappy" (I guess that`s the right word?) like that.Overall I liked it and thought that it was a magical story. The ending was great!

Saturday, April 29, 09:12:30 AM

I`ve watched it three times already, and it gets better every time! The cinematography and sound is absolutely mesmerizing; I`m bewitched body and soul with Matthew MacFadyen`s performance - he`s tremendous in the role of Mr. Darcy; and Keira Knightly was also spectacular as Miss Elizabeth Bennett. I reread the novel to refresh myself with the actual story, and the movie stays mostly true to the story, with some forgivable deviation. The book has more characters and a lot more dialogue that wouldn`t have suited the cinematic version.

Thursday, April 27, 12:18:25 PM

Best movie I ever have seen!...

Tuesday, April 18, 01:19:02 AM

Lovely and human interpretation of Jane Austen`s classic novel. Kiera Knightley and Matthew McFadyen were warm and accessible, and their chemistry was palpable.

Saturday, April 8, 07:16:10 PM


Sunday, March 19, 09:42:20 PM

I loved it! It was very beautiful, I loved the chemistry and it had great acting. 5/5. I loved it!!!

Sunday, March 19, 11:33:18 AM


Monday, March 13, 07:00:31 AM

Best movie I ever have seen!

Sunday, March 12, 01:57:29 PM

I LOVED this newest version far more than the BBC version. Thought Keira and Matthew were both fabulous. If the new version were also several hours longer, I`d gladly watch it time and time again. Bought the DVD last week, and have watched four times already. Rented the BBC version a few weeks ago, and don`t need to see it again.

Saturday, March 11, 11:17:18 AM


Friday, March 10, 10:20:18 AM

very good movie. wish there where more like this one

Wednesday, March 8, 09:01:36 PM

I enjoyed this movie from start to finish and consider it the best movie of 2005!!! Keira Knightley is completely, perfectly and incandescently right for the role of Elizabeth! Matthew MacFadyen absolutely nailed the part of Mr. Darcy; he gave him much more depth than any actor to date has given the party of the serious and mysterious Mr. Darcy. Most actors get the serious thing down, but MM gives him a depth that make you want to get to know him more and truly care about his character. I loved this film and look forward to watching it again and again!

Saturday, February 25, 04:07:13 PM

Best movie I have ever seen. Best acting! Best Costumes! Best Set Design! Best Movie Editing!

Wednesday, February 22, 11:42:22 PM

such sparkling conversation, such gentility

Wednesday, February 22, 12:40:04 PM

As a huge fan of the BBC 6 hour version, I had my doubts that they could do justice to this story in 2 hours, but they proved me wrong, and even Mr Darcy`s portrayal stood up to the test, after all it was a challenging test, Colin Firth owns the role in my opinion but Matthew did an excellent job, a much more "sensuous" version and well worth seeing.

Sunday, February 12, 12:52:06 PM

it was very enjoyable and i thought keira knightly was very good in this movie

Sunday, January 29, 02:49:00 PM

This was typical Hollywood screwing up what could have been a great picture by re-writing the story.

Saturday, January 28, 08:31:49 PM

I absolutley loved this film! Keira Knightley was wonderful as Elizabeth Bennet. I loved the book, and now the movie is just as good!

Friday, January 27, 07:00:50 PM

AWESOME!! I saw it twice!!

Friday, January 27, 06:48:25 PM

great show loved it...... great date movie to.

Tuesday, January 24, 08:34:15 PM

I am a huge Jane Austen fan and have read all of her books, and of course, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. Although I loved the BBC miniseries (and Colin Firth), I went to this movie with an open mind. AND I LOVED IT! I have preordered the DVD and visit the website regulary just to see the clips. The proposal scene in the rain, when they are yelling at each other and simultaneously longing for each other, just about had me in the floor! The chemistry between this Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is unequaled, in any P&P adaption certainly, but just about in any movie period. This was a sexier version and condensed from the book, but so be it

Monday, January 23, 12:10:12 AM

I gave Pride & Prejudice 5 stars and would give it 100 if I could. I have now seen it 10 times. I cannot get tired of it. It is the best movie I have ever seen. The music is awe-inspiring, the scenery is breathtaking, the dancing is so much fun and of course the love story is fabulous. I loved it and can`t wait for the DVD to come out. All of the stars were fabulous! It just doesn`t get any better than this!

Friday, January 20, 12:15:10 AM

I loved the book. Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors, and i hope people make more movies of her work. The movie was very well done and i am going to go see it again if i can. Great job guys! -Serenity