Friday, June 8, 03:28:30 PM

Wonderful movie! Money well spent.Woody was outstanding as usual and the plot brought Hans Solo and Chewy into perspective. ENTERTAINING!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 09:10:07 AM

After Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this is the BEST of the new Star Wars movies. Better than Rogue One. Not that Rogue One was bad, but it was meh. And WAY better than The Last Jedi, which was like, What the hell was that?

Tuesday, June 5, 09:03:54 PM

Loved it!! Great action..lots of good twists.Another great Ron Howard movie!

Tuesday, June 5, 04:48:38 PM

If it was just okay, you not a true movie fan! you don't have to be a star wars fan to enjoy this movie, maybe for the storyline, but I really enjoy this movie, almost just as good as Rogue One. It may not be the best star wars movie but 10 times better than Phantom Menace. Alright you movie haters who critic about everything, bring it!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 01:16:38 PM


Tuesday, June 5, 07:08:56 AM

AmazinG! Amazing! Amazing! Ron Howard thank you thank you thank you! Definitely a theater movie not to miss out! What a story! Wow!

Monday, June 4, 06:57:04 PM

Many good actions scenes. The cantina was very fun to watch with all those creatures going in and out. His girl friend knew how to survived. Han did not have an idea about her previous life. One of the best parts of the movie was the Falcon Millennium.

Monday, June 4, 01:48:22 PM


Sunday, June 3, 02:27:57 PM

I need to repeat this movie again. We got a poster and we had a good time. IMAX the best. 👍

Sunday, June 3, 09:46:04 AM

Loved some of the action scenes and Han Solo personality. We know the Luke was not there yet.

Sunday, June 3, 02:42:27 AM

Nice. Much better than the rest of the Sony Star Wars movies. Not the greatest movie, but well done. I usually hate Donald Glover, but he was surprisingly good as Lando. Woody Harrelson is good in everything he does.

Sunday, June 3, 01:29:36 AM

loved it. time and money well spent. good acting good story lots of action.. go see it

Saturday, June 2, 09:03:29 PM

He could speak Wookie. That was something new and clever. Lol Saved his life. Great acting.

Saturday, June 2, 09:01:03 PM

Very cool to find how he got his name. What a pirate. He tricked everyone. Great finally.

Saturday, June 2, 08:59:07 PM

My money and time was well spend in this movie. Many funny scenes. Han was charmy. I loved his style. Kudos to this actor. Nothing dark from this movie except the monster part. They were flying through the space. 🤣

Saturday, June 2, 07:19:58 PM

Grossly incompetent Story timeline Film was extremely dark I hope that Walt Disney doesn't turn over in his Grave! Sad that Star Wars fans stood in line to waste their Money

Saturday, June 2, 06:41:37 PM

Absolutely loved the movie but the SJW robot of Lando's needs to go what a horrible way to ruin an either wise great movie.

Saturday, June 2, 05:00:11 PM

The new Indiana Jones style adventures. They need to make a sequel from this movie. This was a fresh story.

Saturday, June 2, 04:58:36 PM

Excellent movie. I thought this movie was not totally related to SW. This was Han Solo’s movie and his story.

Saturday, June 2, 03:28:26 PM

SJW’s will love it. I can’t imagine anyone else will. Such a waste.

Saturday, June 2, 12:10:23 PM

in my top 4 Star Wars movies all time!

Saturday, June 2, 11:54:36 AM

The warriors looked liked Vikings. Loved it.

Friday, June 1, 07:50:22 PM

Never a dull moment, good acting...Ron Howard directing. Good, solid action/adventure movie going.

Friday, June 1, 06:50:22 PM

Yes it was fantastic.

Thursday, May 31, 10:19:14 PM

GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 09:08:27 PM

It is a wonderful movie filled with action. The story was perfect. It showed how han solo first started out. You can't ask for a better movie to see.

Thursday, May 31, 09:05:46 PM

It is a wonderful movie filled with action. The story was perfect. It showed how han solo first started out. You can't ask for a better movie to see.

Thursday, May 31, 09:04:04 PM

So cool. They need to do a sequel of Han Solo. No time to sleep during the movie.

Thursday, May 31, 04:52:44 PM

Not worth seeing, waste of time, both bad actors in the roles, anyone could have filled in here, they should have went with more well knownn actors. The story was boring, it could have been so much better, wait and see it on TV or internet.

Thursday, May 31, 04:22:56 PM

Just okay movie. I almost zzzz’d out in the middle. It got better toward to end. Could have used some spicing up with a touch of nudity or more intense romance.

Thursday, May 31, 09:30:04 AM

I watched yersterday on IMAx and I will say Wow. Fantastic.

Wednesday, May 30, 07:47:43 PM


Wednesday, May 30, 10:29:18 AM

Excellent, loved it. Loved how he got his name, loved how it answered sooooooooooo many questions. Awesome want to see it again.

Tuesday, May 29, 11:15:44 PM

One must be familiar with SW Canon to understand the "unexpected" visitor of Crimson Dawn. Way better than episodes 7 and 8.

Tuesday, May 29, 09:40:07 PM

Good movie with decent action. Character of Han was well acted.. all kept quite light. But bad date placement between all the othe raction and hero movies. Goodmin 2D and 3D

Tuesday, May 29, 05:33:12 PM

Good movie, the acting was superb. I do not know why it is getting a bad rap. It ties up loose ends and the plot is good. I like the surprises at the end.

Tuesday, May 29, 04:47:10 PM

I think some people might not have gone because the last couple of Star Wars movies were so bad, but don't miss this one. It's really good, and the lead actor is fantastic as Han.

Tuesday, May 29, 04:30:24 PM

it's not that bad! I enjoyed it, going in with ZERO expectations. Alden is NO HAN... but those are legendary star boots to fill. The show features many familiar story tropes: Han meets his mentor in WW I style 'trenches' after leaving the love of his life behind on his home planet. Han joins a gang and pulls off a train heist. Han does an all or nothing high stakes smuggling run for the win. The show is marred by several mis-castings, including Woody as Han's cynical crime gang leader, and The Mother of All Dragons as his long lost love. Alden works with what he is given and turns in a serviceable performance, but his lack of 'Ford gravitas' is deafening. Donald Glover turns in a very weird Lando Calrissian job, with the movie oddly hinting that he has a sexual attraction to his 'old maid cranky wide-hipped sidekick droid'. Perhaps they should have used the droid from Metropolis and this would have been believable...

Tuesday, May 29, 10:56:19 AM

I enjoyed this movie, fell into place nicely with a few giggles and turns.

Monday, May 28, 10:52:52 PM