Saturday, January 11, 12:04:50 PM

Awesome work, a period piece that is topical too.

Friday, December 13, 11:29:55 AM

Just terrible.

Thursday, December 12, 11:10:17 PM

Awful. Gawd awful.

Thursday, December 12, 07:32:50 PM

Interesting historical event.

Tuesday, December 10, 10:45:42 PM

A wonderful movie about a turning point in Manitoba theatre, told with heart and passion. Great performances.

Monday, December 9, 10:26:59 PM

Visually beautiful. Winnipeg's historic buildings play their roles perfectly as authentic backgrounds. The story is moving and the history behind it needs to be remembered especially now. - The live show (Strike!) that we saw at Winnipeg's Rainbow Stage in summer 2019 was better musically, so I hope there will be more revivals.

Sunday, December 8, 11:13:51 PM

A great play and now it is good to see it on the big screen. A Canadian production, on a Canadian historical event. We need more of this. My only criticism is that it is a musical and I am not keen on musicals and the tone of the music did not appear to be appropriate for such a serious historical event.

Friday, December 6, 11:57:17 PM

Don't let your pride in Winnipeg fool you into seeing this. Terrible.

Thursday, December 5, 10:12:11 PM

Great music, great voices, interesting historical plot

Wednesday, December 4, 05:28:22 PM

It's nice to see it playing in a local cinema. Bet it closes fast.

Monday, December 2, 02:44:46 AM

What a pleasure to see a Hollywood movie with a great plot and wonderful music that can deal with class exploitation, racism, and the ability of workers to unite as one when the shit hits the fan. The Winnipeg General Strike has been hidden from history for most Canadians, and this movie puts it in plain sight and in ways that go well beyond the Winnipeg story itself.

Sunday, December 1, 02:30:58 AM

Excellent! People were clapping at the end. As was I. And this movie will bring a tear to the eye of many. A beautifully done historical tale that delivers some very powerful and much needed messages. The world needs a movie like this right now. And all 7.53 billion humans should see it.

Saturday, November 30, 09:11:06 PM

This film, whose Winnipeg story captured people's hearts in North America at the time in 1919, conveys a powerful message and it still "stands" today!

Saturday, November 30, 06:40:05 PM

Great movie!

Friday, November 29, 08:33:14 PM

100 yrs ago immigrants were abused & persecuted. Workers brutalized. Difficult story of Winnipeg strike well told. Worth seeing with present day issues of union repression in mind.

Friday, November 29, 06:15:38 PM

Great story, well told, beautiful music, and important messages that are relevant 100 years later!