Thursday, September 24, 11:31:44 PM

I was hoping for more..glad I didn't pay money for this film.The idea is old.I'm giving it 3 stars for the affects.

Monday, May 4, 09:20:15 AM

Stop and smell the roses. This movie was an eye opener, not far from reality.

Sunday, March 22, 07:37:01 PM

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Tuesday, February 17, 06:08:16 PM

This movie wasted entirely too much time dabbling with the relationship of the bratty, ungrateful child and his adoptive mother. The human race is on the verge of extermination by aliens. Who cares about the tribulations of some child? Waste of time and money. I kept waiting for something more and then it ended suddenly. Bad.

Friday, January 30, 04:43:15 PM

I kept expecting something huge to happen but it never did.

Wednesday, January 28, 01:28:26 PM

is movie is a very very very good good good to watch and i watch again agian all the time .

Monday, January 26, 05:00:39 AM

see i didnt mind this movie.. it kept me entertained.. thats all that matters

Monday, January 19, 06:15:36 PM

Big disappointment. Yes the message is good but don't need this type of setting to get it. Expecting something big the entire time and it just never really happens. Jennifer C. as always great though.

Friday, January 16, 09:14:57 PM

Predictable Hollywood movie. As long as you're not expecting Ben Hur or Citizen Kane it was very entertaining

Sunday, January 11, 12:25:47 AM

Beginning was fantastic - then it went down-hill from there!

Friday, January 9, 08:32:35 PM

ok movie, Keanu always plays these type of roles well, he is not average/human

Friday, January 9, 06:03:37 PM

loved it

Friday, January 9, 01:51:13 AM

Background sound ie music, far too loud throughout the movie, very distracting, difficult understanding characters. Special effects were good, but not fantastic, and rather simple to todays standards. Keanu Reeves performance looked more like a man on drugs, totally spaced out. I appreciate the fact that the story line tried to keep to the original, but in this case, the child star could have been left out completely. Maybe this movie will view better on a smaller screen, but unfortunately a smaller screen can't change the performance of the actors. Too bad, I was really excited that this movie was being remade, especially with Keanu Reeves, too bad Mr Reeves let this viewer down.

Wednesday, January 7, 06:37:07 PM

It was a ok movie but it wasn't good as I thought it would be.

Tuesday, January 6, 07:46:10 PM

It was a decent movie, but I think I preferred the original. Keanu did a good job as the alien, with some hints that there was deeper emotion than he showed, but I really wish he would step outside his comfort zone and show us that he's capable of more, if he is. Jennifer Connelly was terrific, but in all, the 'humanization' of the alien didn't really happen as much as it did in the original. Worth seeing, but not necessarily on the big screen.

Monday, January 5, 12:00:28 AM

It all comes down to what you were expecting. Look, the title didn't say "The day the earth stood still, then Neo returns" now did it? So wake up people, there weren't going to be any squidys, no agent smiths, no kung fu ok... ok, it got close though when Keanu got released from the gooey encasement eh? Easy matrix fans, that's where the similarities stopped. So assuming you knew approximately what the original movie was about, the modern day adaptation of this movie has done justice. Chill out, leave your expectations at the door and just enjoy a modern remake of an old classic.

Sunday, January 4, 01:52:58 PM

IT was a Stupid Movie and I wasnt'd my time sitting threw all that. The Ending felt like it wasnt completed!

Sunday, January 4, 11:36:34 AM

the earth stands still. and time stands still because not a darn thing happens. except keanu proves he still can't act.

Saturday, January 3, 06:04:28 PM

Good movie. Time to wake up.

Saturday, January 3, 03:56:17 PM

Okay, not great. Pretty good special effects & true to the orginal (well almost)

Thursday, January 1, 08:27:32 PM

loved it

Thursday, January 1, 07:29:04 PM

Too many advertisements! Anti-climatic! Predictable ending. Enough said..

Thursday, January 1, 02:18:55 PM

Keanu is great as a dispassionate alien. Jennifer Connelly is great as a compassionate scientist. Only Jared Smith shouldn't be allowed near a film again (cute kid, but empty eyes and lousy acting). Overall an entertaining sci-fi that is a decent effort considering its modest budget for sci-fi (good effects). Message: can humanity survive its rapacious greed and indifference to the earth.

Thursday, January 1, 10:54:45 AM

so pointless, wasn't worth the money or time spent

Wednesday, December 31, 04:03:18 PM

i really injoyed this movie

Wednesday, December 31, 11:27:47 AM

I actually walked out 1 hour into the movie and the theatre was very apologetic when they gave me my money back. I have only ever walkd out on two mvies my whole life. Well at least both father and son ( Will and Jaden ) each have an absloute dud in their movie careers. I nominate this and Hancock for worst movie ever.

Monday, December 29, 09:36:47 PM


Monday, December 29, 07:04:06 PM

Filmmaking on a grand scale, with a surprise ending that's sure to spark lengthy discussion and debate. This is CLASSIC sci-fi!

Monday, December 29, 06:57:50 PM

Neat movie with a really cool ending!

Monday, December 29, 06:34:15 AM

flat & boring. save your cash

Sunday, December 28, 12:08:54 AM

Followed the original movie quite closely with a modern injection. I love the original and this was great too!!!

Friday, December 26, 02:14:55 PM

most boring movie ever. you will not enjoy it. plz don't go

Thursday, December 25, 01:52:59 PM

bad bad movie! the ending, what ending. save your cash don't watch it

Thursday, December 25, 12:39:24 PM

poorly made worse remake in years!

Thursday, December 25, 10:27:19 AM

Difference from the 1951 classic which really enjoyed. I think there was too much "Hollywood" in this version. But never the less, the movie as a whole was great and I highly recommend it to everybody to watch.

Wednesday, December 24, 04:39:51 PM

This deserves no stars! It was horrible. No action, terrible acting, and I would have left the theatre early but I didn't wake up in time. Please save your money!

Wednesday, December 24, 02:46:14 PM

This movie should be rated at around 3.4 as a final rating result! Horrible ending and boring storyline. Almost fall asleep during the movie, and whats with the part where Reeves is talking to a Chinese old man in Mandarin. For those people didnt understand Mandarin, they might think they were speaking Alien language at the restaurant! WTF man, totally!

Tuesday, December 23, 10:27:00 PM


Monday, December 22, 08:49:12 PM

Loads of fun!

Monday, December 22, 09:10:35 AM