Friday, February 14, 07:34:51 PM

Very disappointing.

Monday, January 27, 03:20:30 AM

Not scary at all because it was so predictable.

Wednesday, January 22, 10:21:17 PM

Not the worst movie I've seen but not the best either

Friday, January 17, 06:46:22 PM


Friday, January 17, 12:36:02 PM

The Grudge would be a 4 or 5 star film if it had come out 30 years ago but there is the rub - it is 2020 and films like this have been so over done by the look of the film that the film is a good 25 years out of date. Seeing The Ring in the 90's was interesting but one has to ask where is the creativity in doing something new with a new look - it is not here - not even close.

Friday, January 17, 10:59:32 AM

I really like the first grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar. This movie was pretty bad, all over the place, not much of a plot, I was very disappointed. If you are looking for some thrills, go see Underwater.

Friday, January 10, 05:12:38 AM

This was so predictable & not even that scary.

Thursday, January 9, 02:31:50 PM

Not scary. My mind kept drifting a sure indication that the movie is a failure.

Thursday, January 9, 11:32:07 AM


Wednesday, January 8, 11:22:55 AM

OMG , Godzilla movies were scarier , this is like school project movie

Tuesday, January 7, 09:22:02 PM

If you've never paid money to be bored, then this movie is for you.

Tuesday, January 7, 01:27:48 PM

Seriously this is the worst film this year, no scares whatsoever, ending was so stupid. When it was over the 10 people in the theater all were like “really?!” It was that bad. I noticed a few 5 star reviews n those people are totally full of it.. if you go based on 1 of these fake 5 star reviews then jokes on you, you just funded garbage🤣 Seriously don’t waste your time hoping it’s good, it so isn’t.

Tuesday, January 7, 03:41:21 AM

Kind of disappointed.

Monday, January 6, 05:14:42 PM

Ignore the negative comments

Monday, January 6, 10:32:39 AM

Truly a movie for morons.... Save your money, this one is TRASH

Sunday, January 5, 01:59:58 PM

This POS doesn't suck enough! Waste of time and money...

Saturday, January 4, 11:38:45 PM

I actually peed my pants I was so scared in one part!

Saturday, January 4, 10:23:16 PM

Good Movie

Saturday, January 4, 09:06:10 PM

I enjoyed it. scary and the ending is really good, if you understand it

Saturday, January 4, 07:49:21 PM

Poor story, boring, very slow, not scary.

Saturday, January 4, 04:25:02 PM

Do not waste your money on this garbage movie. Trust me otherwise you will regret it. This should had been released straight to dvd instead of cinema release. If it were my choice it should had never been made. It is poorly made. The story is boring. Wasn't scary at all. They kept going all sorts of scenes directions which makes the audience confused. The original is way better 1 2 3. This is robbery for your money. I'd rather watch a movie anything other than this crap. I'm warning you do not see this movie. Don't believe me ? Go ahead and waste your money.

Saturday, January 4, 12:27:43 AM

I really enjoyed it

Friday, January 3, 06:51:54 PM

Really bad.

Friday, January 3, 04:31:22 AM

Terrible movie. Trust me don’t waste your money. It was that bad.

Thursday, January 2, 10:22:15 PM

It's scary.... watch it

Thursday, January 2, 12:52:00 PM

not very good just to scary for my friend dont waste your money