Wednesday, August 7, 01:24:57 PM

Guess it was suppose to be some type of art piece. Story line went no where, direction slow and boring. Wanted to walk out halfway thru and should have. Understand what they may have wanted to portray but didn’t work. Waste of time !!!

Tuesday, July 23, 05:29:42 PM

Too Little 2 Late--I lived in the Fillmore/Post area doing the mid/Late 50s and early 60s... believe me "The Point" was not a place to be "Colored" yes we were colored, teenagers from "the Filthy Mo!" and we stayed away from "The Point"! Film is "a tad unrealistic". to say the least!

Saturday, July 13, 02:51:40 PM

Great movie

Friday, July 12, 03:11:44 PM

If you enjoy watching foul mouthed, unemployed men wasting their lives feeling sorry for themselves, this is the movie for you. My wife and I walked out mid film.

Thursday, July 11, 03:21:30 PM

Must see this film!

Sunday, July 7, 06:11:39 PM

Very moving film about the search for home and the struggle for true self-hood. Excellent ensemble acting..